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More Antifa in Salem
Why Oregonians need their second amendment freedoms

A heavy set far left extremist dressed in what Antifa calls “Black-Bloc -- used as an intimidation tactic -- could be seen waiting for motorists in the street. He held a cigarette in his left hand and a police style asp-baton in his right. As a large blue pickup truck with an American Flag made its way down the street the individual in Black-Bloc quickly whips out his baton, he is wearing a bullet proof vest and appears to be carrying a firearm on his left side. A megaphone slung over his right shoulder, he watches as two violent members of his group rush the approaching blue truck and began attacking the vehicle, as the driver attempts to get away the attackers rip a large flag from the bed of his truck, and what sounds like breaking glass can be heard in the background. As the far left mob continue their attack the driver speeds up to escape his frenzied attackers but they continue to pursue him on foot. In the chaos one of the extremist tries to block the driver and the driver is forced to slam on his breaks to avoid hitting the person, he then quickly navigates his truck to safety.

The mob is relentless and chases after the truck throwing objects and screaming in hysterical delight as they encourage each other to attack. False claims from local news outlets have claimed that the motorist "plowed through the crowd”-though the video clearly shows multiple vehicles being rushed and surrounded during Sundays attacks with weapons at the ready. That is exactly what happened to the driver of this vehicle, he was surrounded, attacked and attempting to escape the violence of far left extremists.

Ironically the target of Sunday's far left hate was aimed at fellow Oregonians who were part of a freedom rally celebrating the very freedoms these individuals are quick to invoke while they engage in their terror campaigns against citizens, neighborhoods, businesses, police and yes, even Ted Wheeler. The American flag is somehow offensive to the far left who love to abuse the freedoms defended for them by the countless men and women that our great American flag represents. Far left extremist have a habit of showing up with the intent to engage in violence anytime a gathering takes place that was not approved by them, or does not fall in line with their anti-American extremist agenda. These far left extremist engage in mob violence and embody fascism while hiding behind the acronym ANTIFA. The hypocrisy doesn’t stop there, this far left group accuses anyone who dare oppose them, or will not comply with their fascist dictates to be a Nazi, a white supremist -- white or not -- a racist and most ironically, a fascist.

Lets quickly go over what a fascist is: A fascist is characterized by dictatorial power and individual(s) who try to control others in a forceful and unfair way, expecting unquestioned obedience through intimidation. Fascists like “ANTIFA” forcibly suppress opposition and demand a strong regimentation of society and of the economy, fascist have been known to call what they were doing a form of revolution, and as you would expect they will often never admit they themselves are actual fascists. Hiding behind the acronym “ANTIFA” which they claim stands for “Anti-Fascist”, these violent far left extremist engage in overt and covert fascist tactics which take place daily on the streets of Portland, Oregon and across America. Fascist like so called “ANTIFA” use and condone violence when attacking individuals that they view as “other”, they co-opt movements and are engaged in racist and hateful tactics. Keep in mind the recent tensions between members of BLM and Antifa who both seem to hide behind acronyms insisting they are the “good guy” while committing unspeakable acts of violence. These far left anti-American extremist groups have co-opted a movement and used it as a shield while spewing hate and propaganda against the Americans they see as opposition.

Antifa and other far left extremists have taken over neighborhoods and streets while demanding that tax paying citizens come out of their homes and that diners stop eating and come and join them in the streets. If homeowners or diners refuse, they risk intimidation and/or attack, if a citizen is caught in the cross fire of one of these vicious mob gatherings the far left extremist will demand that innocent bystander leave the area under threats of violence, and often times they will brutally attack. No one is safe from the mayhem that the far left has unleashed on our society, we have witnessed motorists dragged from vehicles and beaten unconscious in our streets, and sadly as we have seen they will even commit murder on a busy sidewalk in a busy downtown area, like what happened to Aaron Jay Danielson in Portland, Oregon this summer.

Far left extremists have been committing lawless acts and countless violent crimes, including murder in full view of witnesses for far too long. They commit these unspeakable acts with almost no intervention from law enforcement due to destructive polices from politicians like Kate Brown. They are brazen and many know that Democrat run cities will not hold them accountable, why else would they commit these criminal acts in full view of law enforcement while recording their own lawlessness, afterwards they will celebrate. When these far left terrorist took over the streets of Salem and began attacking motorist on Sunday many pro-freedom Oregonians surely feared for their safety, if not their lives. Many of them may have hoped that nearby law enforcement would intervene swiftly, unfortunately multiple motorists would be violently attacked and their vehicles badly damaged before OSP, SPD and SWAT finally intervened.

When you read our next article regarding the 55 year old man who was forced to draw his firearm for protection, you will further understand why now more than ever, Oregonians need their second amendment freedoms in all places and at all times.

Video courtesy Sergio Olmos and Maranie R. Staab

--Esther August

Post Date: 2021-04-01 09:37:17Last Update: 2021-03-31 18:10:46

Antifa Comes to Salem
Several confrontations lead to arrests

PT News Journalist and live streamer, The Black Conservative Preacher -- also known as BCP -- from Portland, joined fellow hard working Oregonians who drove from Sandy to our state Capitol in Salem on Sunday to exercise their first amendment right of Free Speech and to peaceably assemble. Men, women, children and senior citizens caravanned to Salem in an effort to celebrate freedom and express their frustration with being shut out of our state capitol while unconstitutional legislation is forced through without a vote of the people. Those who made the trip were met by a violent mob of far left extremist who could be seen on video waiting with large rocks and other weapons for vehicles to approach. Passing motorist were even fired upon with paint ball guns.

According to a statement made by The Black Conservative Preacher, motorists including veterans and individuals not associated with the rally were violently attacked by an estimated “200-300 Antifa” on Sunday afternoon. This was not a gathering where two groups in opposition of one another met up, this was a gathering of violent far left extremists flying their red and black flag while attacking motorists on an American street if those motorists dared to fly the American flag.

In watching the 1:27 video you can see what looks like members of the militant terrorist group ISIS wearing all black. Many are in tactical gear armed with weapons and wearing bullet proof vests, aggressively blocking streets and violently attacking motorists. The ISIS like mob came armed with a variety of weapons including what appeared to be firearms, they were clearly ready to instigate violence and had been preparing to do so for over a month, according to a post made on a far left Facebook Page.

In action and in tactics this group largely resembles ISIS though you may be surprised to learn they are not, the majority of them are violent far left extremists, “Antifa”, and other far left sympathizers. Holding true to their historic violent nature, their purpose was to interrupt this peaceful demonstration and to do so with extreme violence, they dawned helmets and carried make shift shields with their gas masks at the ready. They came ready to attack and were armed with large rocks, wooden poles, paintball guns, bats, skate boards, law enforcement style asp batons, bear mace, and anything else they could get their hands on, including paint, which they threw on cars. During the violent attacks the mob plunged a large tree branch through the passenger side windshield of a small red truck where a female passenger was sitting. The violent mob was relentless, attacking vehicles, ripping private property from the beds of passing motorists trucks, kicking and punching at vehicles, threatening countless individuals and blocking traffic. They terrorized motorists and even attempted to blind them by pointing lasers into the eyes of drivers as they operated their vehicles, a crime that Anthony Villandea, 18 was arrested for on 5 counts. With clear disregard for human life, the far left attackers lobbed rocks through the windows of passing motorists vehicles, at one point shattering the drivers side window of the small red truck which sent glass flying into the cab and the faces of the driver and his passenger.

The violent mob could clearly be seen waiting for motorists to approach as they blocked traffic and threw objects, seemingly unchecked by local law enforcement in the area for some time. With all of the violence and chaos instigated by far left-extremist on Sunday, it is shocking that only 4 arrests were made, of those arrested were; William Lloyd Isham, 34 who is facing charges of interfering with a Police Officer, Nathan McFarland, 33 is facing charges of disorderly conduct in the second degree, and Andrew Alan Foy, 34 is facing charges of disorderly conduct in the second degree.

Though crimes such as Reckless Endangerment ORS 163.195, Menacing ORS 163.190, Unlawful use of teargas/mace ORS 163.212, and many other crimes were committed on Sunday, the most profound were the Hate and Bias crimes committed by far left extremists against motorists for their race, gender and perceived religious beliefs and national origin. Far left extremists and their supporters are not quiet about their distain for White males, Christianity, the American Flag or America. Watching the videos one can clearly see that each individual attacked on Sunday meets all or part of the above criteria. One well known far left sympathizer and suspected ANTIFA affiliate made a recorded video statement while talking to “The Black Conservative Preacher” (you will learn more about BCP in a separate article) stated that the only reason he was talking to BCP was because BCP was “black” and referred to the white individuals standing next to The Black Conservative Preacher as “Trash” . It was not lost on BCP that he was being judged by the color of his skin instead of the content of his character or value as a human being. The hypocrisy and racism of the far left is undeniable and Sundays crimes should be evaluated as the hate crimes that they really are. In a follow up article you will hear more about the attacks that took place on Sunday March 28th 2021.

Video courtesy of Independent Media PDX

--Esther August

Post Date: 2021-03-31 09:23:01Last Update: 2021-03-31 16:37:17

Moss on the Voter Rolls
We learned a new term: ‘essential’ work

Of note the last few years have brought much change to our state due to rural forest fires and riots on the streets of Portland. We see an exodus form our state on one side and a migration of homeless encampments everywhere. None of us want anyone out on the streets. Still, we need to operate our government. How does this affect our election process?

Towns have burned down from our forest fires. Businesses contend with COVID-19 operational restrictions. People have lost or changed jobs. We learned a new term: ‘essential' work. Second amendment law infringements motivate people to move away. Things are different in Oregon.

The Transition Project on Irving currently has 381 active voters and 1,802 inactive voters registered when I checked with Multnomah County Elections officer, Eric Sample. The people registered to vote at this address get some services here such as their mail. I question if we should be saying these are permanent residences and never require their address to be updated as HB 2681 would change, Currently, anyone would need to vote or update their address within the 10 years. If they don’t vote for 10 years, that might be an indication that they are living somewhere else. HB 2681 would remove any requirement to vote or update the address.

I also understand from Eric Sample that he estimated somewhere between a few hundred and a thousand people were registered at the elections office. He said it was difficult to look up by address without checking specific voter, although their office was able to check the other address for me.

Portland has acquired some motels in the area to house homeless folks. There are a number of other homeless facilities in just Multnomah County. God bless all the people who made this happen to bring some comfort and protection to our neighbors. These facilities are not permanent residences. They are temporary facilities by design.

Representative Dan Rayfield (D-Corvallis) has introduced HB 2681, which reads “Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the registration of an elector may not be considered inactive due to an elector not voting or updating the elector’s registration for any period of time.” The Election Assistance Commission suggests as well as Oregon used to require a voter to vote in 2 consecutive federal elections or be removed from the voter rolls. Secretary Richardson moved to have that change to 10 years. With our homeless population on the rise, fires destroying whole towns, and changing demographics we should not go to ‘never update’ the voter rolls but instead tighten, go back to the four year Supreme Court sanctioned time frame, if we want our population to be accurately represented in the vote. If our goal is to have accurate voter lists.

Most states require proof of residency. We do not. HB 2681 will weaken our voter rolls. Our voter rolls will become bloated and cost tax payers more money to deliver ballots to people who no longer live here. Just plain old dirty voter rolls.

When voters loose confidence in the election they stop voting. We must build confidence in our election process and that starts with clean voter rolls.

The House Rules Committee will have a work session on this bill and consider amendments on Thursday April 1 at 1:00pm. No fooling.

--Janice Dysinger

Post Date: 2021-03-31 09:11:56Last Update: 2021-03-31 15:48:34

Get Ready for Racial and Ethnic Impact Statements
They dig a hole right back into a class society

Waiting in the wings for a work session is HB 2991, introduced by Barbara Smith Warner (D-Portland), seemingly a spokesperson for BIPOC. The bill requires the Legislative Policy and Research Office to prepare an estimated racial and ethnic impact statement, if requested by a member or committee of the Legislature to determine the effect on “traditionally marginalized groups.” If a negative impact is estimated, the bill cannot be moved to the floor of either chamber.

For many years, bills were required to have a fiscal impact statement -- what the cost was expected to be for state government -- and a revenue impact statement if either were applicable. Recently, bills are required to have an Open Government Impact Statement. Perhaps we're seeing the mushrooming of different kinds of "statements" that need to follow bills around. One can imagine a "Carbon Footprint" statement, but let's not say that too loudly.

What might seem to be beneficial for the “traditionally marginalized groups”, could have grave unforeseen consequences. These groups are defined as:

(a) Women
(b) Persons with disabilities
(c) Blacks or African-Americans
(d) Hispanic or Latinx persons
(e) Asians or Pacific Islanders
(f) American Indians, or
(g) Alaska Natives

The statement is to be “impartial, simple and understandable” including the “methodologies and assumptions used in preparing the estimate.” But then it violates its own “impartial” requirement by “including a description of any consultation with community-based organizations or persons with expertise in the impact of implicit or inherent bias on traditionally marginalized groups.” Where is the impartiality when only the marginalized communities are consulted?

To further restrict the bills being introduced, the committee must consider ways to eliminate or mitigate the estimated negative impact on any “traditionally marginalized groups,” and must be resolved for a positive impact before it can be moved to the floor for a vote. Why not make this a resolution for everyone?



These statements would be very time consuming to document a subjective guess that has no basis in fact, and make it look impartial with an underlying assumption that all bills will be partial to the “traditionally marginalized” with a blind eye to equity. At what point does it become "reverse discrimination?" When there is an overwhelming benefit or handout to the 'underprivileged' ‘underserved’ to such an extent that it affects every law, then socialism has taken control. Oregon's population is 85.06% white. So, the under-represent is 15% of the total population. How much does the 85% have to give through taxes, jobs, opportunities, businesses before it violates the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. which says: “No State make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privilege or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Public policy covers everyone equally and when you start naming a group, it is no longer equality.

As much as BIPOC wants to equalize social and economic circumstances, the more they dig a hole right back into a class society that is kept by government. When the free market is manipulated with estimates aimed at a specific group, the results are never economically sound.

--Donna Bleiler

Post Date: 2021-03-31 08:57:43Last Update: 2021-04-01 15:15:18

Legibot. No, Really.
A machine is doing the required reading of the bills.

Last week the Oregon House due to confirmation of an individual testing positive for COVID-19. The individual had been present on the House floor on the 15th and 16th. Legislators were notified on the 22nd at the end of the first House floor session of the day. All other House floor sessions for the week were canceled.

This week House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) had planned daily double floor sessions to start moving the flow of backlogged bills. However, Sunday afternoon, Lindsey O’Brien, Chief of Staff for Speaker Kotek sent out an email to members saying in part:

With another confirmed COVID case, floor will be effectively canceled tomorrow (Monday 3/29).

In addition, the Speaker has directed the Clerk to begin using computer software to read lengthy bills upon final passage to further reduce the risk of virus transmission when the House is in session for the purpose of bill reading.

The requirement to read bills aloud before the final vote on the House or Senate floor is imbedded in the 1859 Oregon Constitution. However, it can be suspended by a vote of 2/3 in order to save time. In the House that is 40 votes. In the Senate it is 20.

After the Supermajority Democrats adopted rules this session allowing the Speaker to fine unexcused lawmakers up to $500 a day, essentially ending the walkout option, the Republicans turned to the Constitution to slow the movement of bills. This is one of the few remaining tools available to Republicans, who hold 23 seats in the 60-member House. Last week, House Minority Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby) reiterated this to Speaker Kotek expressing that bills were moving too fast through committee with little public input. She said, “As long as the building is closed to the public and deeply controversial legislation continues to be fast-tracked in committees, we will continue to depend on the Constitution, to remind the supermajority we should not operate like it’s business as usual while the public is shut out."

This rational has not set well with Democrats. During a floor session earlier this month, House Majority Leader Barbara Smith-Warner (D-Portland), expressed her displeasure with the Republican tactic by stating “It is so disappointing that, yet again, we are being forced to read non-controversial bills on the floor to delay the legislative process. This feels like another tactic designed solely to slow down the process of doing the people’s work”. She went onto say that “the work we are doing here is critical”.

However, just days later, HB 2060, which was only 11 pages long, was read in its entirety and took only approximately 15 minutes. After the reading, Representative Smith-Warner made a motion to send the bill back to the Rules Committee. Representative Smith Warner is Chair of that committee. She noted that “there are a few items in this bill, that given further review, we believe, need some more work, so we are hoping to send it back to rules.” This begs the question; if this bill had not been read in its entirety for the third time before the vote, would the flaw in this bill have

been corrected once it reached the Senate? If adequate time and testimony are being given in committee, why was this not caught before sending it to the floor?

Also, according to a spokesperson for House Speaker Tina Kotek, the rationale behind the computer voice being used for third readings was “to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission for everyone who works in the chamber. However, as the House got back to business on Tuesday morning, the Clerk was present on the floor and continued to read the messages from the Senate, first and second reading of bill titles, of which there were 73, as well as a proposed amendment change to the House Rules. Only the third reading of the bills was placed on the computer. When it was time for the 3rd reading of the bills, Representative Power (D-Milwaukie) tried to move the first bill of the day, HB 2111, back to committee in order avoid the mandatory 3rd reading of the bill before the vote. The motion failed on party lines. Motions to rerefer need 40 of the 60 votes.

Rep. Smith-Warner then moved to suspend the rules for the reading of the bill in its entirety for today only, but again the motion failed due to it needing 40 votes.

The computer system then began reading the first bill of the day, HB 2111 which is 170 pages long and “Changes the name of Oregon Liquor Control Commission to Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Control Commission”. As Representative Smith- Warner said, “the work we are doing here is critical”.

--Terese Humboldt

Post Date: 2021-03-30 18:31:30Last Update: 2021-03-30 19:01:34

Legislative Pace Slows
Hard-core legislation is starting to move

As strongly partisan Democrat bills inch toward the finish line, Republicans in both chambers have been using multiple tools to stop what they consider to be legislation harmful to the state.

SB 554 was slowed in the Senate as six Senators walked out and the remainder engaged in procedural slowdowns on the floor of the Senate. The bill barely passed the Senate anyway with 16 yes votes. It has moved to the House, where it has been read for the first time. It has not yet been assigned to a committee.

House Republican Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby) indicated that Republicans were about prioritizing 2021-2023 budget bills in the Oregon Legislature, saying, “As legislators, our priority is to help Oregonians with programs and support that they need, especially after a year of the pandemic and natural disasters,” said House Republican Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby.) “Part of this commitment is to ensure we have a balanced budget prior to our constitutional deadline before adjourning this session. That’s why today Republicans committed to suspend third readings of 2021-2023 budget bills, which ensures we prioritize critical funding for Oregonians.”

Republicans have the option of using other slowing tactics like having every member speak on every bill and making motions regarding the status of the bill. These tactics have the effect of slowing down legislation in general as well as creating a bargaining token to give back in exchange for killing some piece of legislation.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-03-30 17:17:33Last Update: 2021-03-30 17:40:23

Female District Attorneys Criticize Bills
The victims we serve deserve better

Eight of the nine Female District Attorneys from across Oregon released a joint statement accusing Senate and House Democrats of proposing bills that would threaten the safety of Oregonians.

“We should not return to the days when a rapist would merely receive a probationary slap on the wrist or the man who nearly killed his wife would be simply admonished to ‘walk away next time she pushes your buttons’,” stated the news release from the Marion County District Attorney’s Office.

“This statement is a compelling and powerful condemnation of attempts to repeal Measure 11,” said House Republican Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby.) “We should listen to these women and abandon dangerous plans to remove these protections for crime victims and communities.”

Outlined in the release are four bills that would fully repeal Ballot Measure 11, which provides a crucial safeguard for the public: SB 191, SB 401, HB 2172and HB 2002

“Our criminal justice system can always get better. And while we support smart, responsible policies that can make the process more equitable and fair for all, repealing Measure 11 does not do that. And the victims we serve deserve better,” added the District Attorneys in their release.

The signers include:

Paige Clarkson, Marion County DA & Oregon District Attorney’s Association President
Lanee Danforth, Lincoln County DA
Rebecca Frolander, Wallowa County DA
Beth Heckert, Jackson County DA
Gretchen Ladd, Wheeler County DA
Kelsie McDaniel, Union County DA
Patty Perlow, Lane County DA
Carrie Rasmussen, Hood River County DA

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-03-30 12:53:03Last Update: 2021-03-30 13:51:12

SEIU Sued by Member for Racketeering
The case involves racketeering, fraud and violation of civil rights.

Staci Trees isn’t the first Oregon public employee to file suit against her union over its refusal to grant her opt-out request. Nor is hers the first instance of the union clearly forging a signature on a membership form so it could continue to confiscate dues from a worker who no longer wanted to pay.

But Trees’ case is the first to invoke the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, alleging the union engaged in a pattern of fraudulent activity victimizing both her and other union members.

The lawsuit was filed on March 29th in U.S. District Court in Eugene by the Freedom Foundation, a national nonprofit watchdog organization specializing in public-sector union abuses. It names Service Employees International Union 503, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services and its director, Katy Coba, as defendants.

Trees, employed by the Oregon Department of Transportation, was required to either sign a union membership card or pay an agency fee to SEIU 503 when she was originally hired in 2009. But in June 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed in Janus v. AFSCME that mandatory union membership, dues and fees in the public sector are a violation of the worker’s First Amendment rights.

Within a month, Trees contacted the union and requested her release.

After numerous delays, SEIU 503 finally canceled her membership in December 2020. But Trees was informed in an email that the union would continue deducting around $100 a month in dues until at least February 2021 because, under the terms of a new agreement she signed in 2016, all memberships would be renewed automatically unless the worker opted out during an annual two-week window.

Trees, however, couldn’t remember signing such an agreement and, when she demanded to see it, not only had her signature been forged, but important personal details had simply been made up.

“If Staci Trees was the only person this had ever happened to, you could conceivably blame it on inefficiency or incompetence,” said Freedom Foundation attorney Rebekah Millard. “But this isn’t an isolated case.”

The Freedom Foundation is currently litigating four other forgery cases involving SEIU 503 in Oregon and has taken action in more than a dozen total forgery cases involving public-sector unions on the west coast.

“This is a pattern of behavior,” Millard continued. “This is how government unions are responding to Janus — by intimidating employees, lying or suppressing the truth about their rights and fighting every single attempt to opt out. “And when all else fails,” she said, “they simply forge their signature on a phony contract, locking employees into new terms they never agreed to.”

Millard said SEIU’s actions violate both state and federal RICO laws because the union issued numerous electronic communications that fraudulently claimed Trees authorized deductions she didn’t.

Moreover, the complaint cites four other current lawsuits in which the SEIU 503 engaged in similar behavior against other Oregon public employees.

“It's time for the courts to recognize these are not isolated instances and take action to hold SEIU 503 accountable,” said Jason Dudash, the Freedom Foundation’s Oregon director. “And that’s just what this lawsuit is intended to do.”

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-03-30 09:07:04Last Update: 2021-03-29 21:53:03

Following Science
Does Oregon need an Independent Scientific Review Board?

In 2015, the Oregon Legislative Assembly enacted SB 202 establishing the Task Force on Independent Scientific Review for Natural Resources. The Task Force evaluated and assessed the need for independent science reviews in Oregon and made recommendations to the Governor and appropriate legislative committees.

In 2017, SB 198 was introduced and would have created a permanent Oregon Independent Science Review Board. However, it only received a single public hearing and never moved out of committee. During the hearing, several natural resource organizations submitted joint testimony in opposition to the bill. They shared that “While we appreciate the Task Force's effort to design an independent and unbiased scientific review process for Oregon, given the extraordinary difficulty of eliminating perceived bias, we are highly skeptical that this process will produce any kind of consensus around answers to politically charged "high impact" questions”.

Currently, Representative Holvey (D-Eugene), believes that SB 198 from 2017 deserves to be revisited and has introduced HB 2386. The bill is almost identical to the 2017 legislation. It is summarized as:

“Establishes Oregon Independent Science Review Board. Establishes Independent Scientific Review Secretariat as administrative section within the Institute for Natural Resources at Oregon State University. Establishes Independent Scientific Review Fund. Continuously appropriates moneys in fund to Higher Education Coordinating Commission for distribution to Oregon State University for purposes of board and secretariat. Declares emergency, effective on passage”.

The bill received a hearing earlier this month and was again opposed by the same group of natural resource advocates as in 2017. The major concerns were similar but also emphasized the current climate that Oregon is facing. “Ultimately, this board risks becoming another place for special interest advocates to pursue changes to public policy by seeking the endorsement of a board appointed by a political office,” the coalition concluded. William Edge from Oregon State University, who was on the original 2015, taskforce stated in testimony that “The task force concluded that most single agency scientific reviews can be met with existing State, Federal and academic resources, but we did find that review practices and capacity for conducting quality reviews varied substantially among agencies”. The last statement he made were the same concern that the coalition, in opposition to the bill, had when raised when they stated, “The bill language fails to provide the board with direct oversight, limits to discretion, performance standards, legal obligations or overall best practices for scientific review”. Therefore, it appears that the concerns of Edge regarding agency lack of best practices are also the concerns of those opposed to the bill.

Several legislators asked questions of Edge during the testimony around, how things would be handled since science does not always agree, how industry experts would report to this board, and how the board would assess validity. Representative Susan McLain (D-Hillsboro) raised a concern that encompassed many of these feeling when she asked, “There are scientists all over the world and one panel of scientists in Oregon being the only place for us to have what we are considering to be ‘the science board’ or ‘the blue-ribbon board’, causes me some concern."

The bill is currently scheduled for a work session in the House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources on March 30 at 3:15pm.

--Terese Humboldt

Post Date: 2021-03-29 21:35:19Last Update: 2021-03-29 21:45:52

Gubernatorial Poll Up
Survey shark says there’s blood in the water

Some would say that Democratic Party mismanagement of the state is what has attracted numerous Republicans to stick their necks out early and test the waters.

If you're on a desktop or laptop, you can participate in our informal poll, above, and let us know who you'd vote for.

Editor's note: if you're on a mobile device, you can vote next time you are at a laptop or desktop.


Post Date: 2021-03-29 14:57:27Last Update: 2021-03-29 20:02:47

Stabbing in Bend
Deschutes County Sheriff responded

On March 28, 2021 at about 12:00 AM deputies from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and Officers from the Bend Police Department were dispatched to a stabbing on China Hat Road near Sunset View Drive. A female witness called 911 and reported her friend was stabbed in the neck and the head by an unknown male.

Law Enforcement and Paramedics from the Bend Fire Department met up with the victim at the Walmart parking lot. The male was transported to St. Charles Medical Center in Bend with serious injuries.

Detectives from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office were called to conduct an investigation. The investigation determined that Reyes knew the victim and believed the victim was a witness in another criminal case involving Reyes.

Reyes met up with the victim and a female witness on China Hat Road with the purpose of assaulting the male, because Reyes believed the male gave information about him in the other criminal case.

When Reyes arrived, he and the victim got into a physical fight where the victim was eventually stabbed.

Deschutes County Sheriff arrested 33 year old, Anthony J Reyes.

The investigation is still ongoing. No further information is available for release at this time. The sheriff’s office was assisted by Bend Police Department and the Bend Fire Department.

--Bruce Armstrong

Post Date: 2021-03-28 19:29:24Last Update: 2021-03-29 14:43:19

Successors to Linn County Commissioner Nominated
Five were nominated to replace John Lindsey

On Sunday March 28th, the Linn County Republican Party held a nomination convention to select five candidates to fill the remainder of John Lindsey’s term as Linn County Commissioner. Lindsey died March 9 of cancer. Seven applicants seeking the appointment provided resumes and were verified by the Linn County Clerk's Office, meeting the eligibility requirements outlined in state statute.

66 Elected Precinct Committee persons were credentialed by a volunteer delegation of officers from the Marion County Republican party and were deemed eligible to participate and vote in the nominating process. Following the official vote to accept the format of the meeting and the rules of the election, all seven candidates were allotted five minutes to speak. Following the speeches, ballots were cast, counted, and verified by the Marion County delegation to ensure a fair and un-biased process was followed as agreed upon by the committee.

The five nominees elected are Gary Betts, Ashley Haase, Greg Nevino, Will Tucker and Rex Watkins.

These five nominees will be submitted to the County Clerk for the Linn County Board of Commissioners to confirm an appointment from. State statute requires this process to be completed no later than April 8, 2021.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-03-28 17:01:32

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