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Antifa Comes to Salem
Several confrontations lead to arrests

PT News Journalist and live streamer, The Black Conservative Preacher -- also known as BCP -- from Portland, joined fellow hard working Oregonians who drove from Sandy to our state Capitol in Salem on Sunday to exercise their first amendment right of Free Speech and to peaceably assemble. Men, women, children and senior citizens caravanned to Salem in an effort to celebrate freedom and express their frustration with being shut out of our state capitol while unconstitutional legislation is forced through without a vote of the people. Those who made the trip were met by a violent mob of far left extremist who could be seen on video waiting with large rocks and other weapons for vehicles to approach. Passing motorist were even fired upon with paint ball guns.

According to a statement made by The Black Conservative Preacher, motorists including veterans and individuals not associated with the rally were violently attacked by an estimated “200-300 Antifa” on Sunday afternoon. This was not a gathering where two groups in opposition of one another met up, this was a gathering of violent far left extremists flying their red and black flag while attacking motorists on an American street if those motorists dared to fly the American flag.

In watching the 1:27 video you can see what looks like members of the militant terrorist group ISIS wearing all black. Many are in tactical gear armed with weapons and wearing bullet proof vests, aggressively blocking streets and violently attacking motorists. The ISIS like mob came armed with a variety of weapons including what appeared to be firearms, they were clearly ready to instigate violence and had been preparing to do so for over a month, according to a post made on a far left Facebook Page.

In action and in tactics this group largely resembles ISIS though you may be surprised to learn they are not, the majority of them are violent far left extremists, “Antifa”, and other far left sympathizers. Holding true to their historic violent nature, their purpose was to interrupt this peaceful demonstration and to do so with extreme violence, they dawned helmets and carried make shift shields with their gas masks at the ready. They came ready to attack and were armed with large rocks, wooden poles, paintball guns, bats, skate boards, law enforcement style asp batons, bear mace, and anything else they could get their hands on, including paint, which they threw on cars. During the violent attacks the mob plunged a large tree branch through the passenger side windshield of a small red truck where a female passenger was sitting. The violent mob was relentless, attacking vehicles, ripping private property from the beds of passing motorists trucks, kicking and punching at vehicles, threatening countless individuals and blocking traffic. They terrorized motorists and even attempted to blind them by pointing lasers into the eyes of drivers as they operated their vehicles, a crime that Anthony Villandea, 18 was arrested for on 5 counts.



With clear disregard for human life, the far left attackers lobbed rocks through the windows of passing motorists vehicles, at one point shattering the drivers side window of the small red truck which sent glass flying into the cab and the faces of the driver and his passenger.

The violent mob could clearly be seen waiting for motorists to approach as they blocked traffic and threw objects, seemingly unchecked by local law enforcement in the area for some time. With all of the violence and chaos instigated by far left-extremist on Sunday, it is shocking that only 4 arrests were made, of those arrested were; William Lloyd Isham, 34 who is facing charges of interfering with a Police Officer, Nathan McFarland, 33 is facing charges of disorderly conduct in the second degree, and Andrew Alan Foy, 34 is facing charges of disorderly conduct in the second degree.

Though crimes such as Reckless Endangerment ORS 163.195, Menacing ORS 163.190, Unlawful use of teargas/mace ORS 163.212, and many other crimes were committed on Sunday, the most profound were the Hate and Bias crimes committed by far left extremists against motorists for their race, gender and perceived religious beliefs and national origin. Far left extremists and their supporters are not quiet about their distain for White males, Christianity, the American Flag or America. Watching the videos one can clearly see that each individual attacked on Sunday meets all or part of the above criteria. One well known far left sympathizer and suspected ANTIFA affiliate made a recorded video statement while talking to “The Black Conservative Preacher” (you will learn more about BCP in a separate article) stated that the only reason he was talking to BCP was because BCP was “black” and referred to the white individuals standing next to The Black Conservative Preacher as “Trash” . It was not lost on BCP that he was being judged by the color of his skin instead of the content of his character or value as a human being. The hypocrisy and racism of the far left is undeniable and Sundays crimes should be evaluated as the hate crimes that they really are. In a follow up article you will hear more about the attacks that took place on Sunday March 28th 2021.

Video courtesy of Independent Media PDX

--Esther August

Post Date: 2021-03-31 09:23:01Last Update: 2021-03-31 16:37:17

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