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More Antifa in Salem
Why Oregonians need their second amendment freedoms

A heavy set far left extremist dressed in what Antifa calls “Black-Bloc -- used as an intimidation tactic -- could be seen waiting for motorists in the street. He held a cigarette in his left hand and a police style asp-baton in his right. As a large blue pickup truck with an American Flag made its way down the street the individual in Black-Bloc quickly whips out his baton, he is wearing a bullet proof vest and appears to be carrying a firearm on his left side. A megaphone slung over his right shoulder, he watches as two violent members of his group rush the approaching blue truck and began attacking the vehicle, as the driver attempts to get away the attackers rip a large flag from the bed of his truck, and what sounds like breaking glass can be heard in the background. As the far left mob continue their attack the driver speeds up to escape his frenzied attackers but they continue to pursue him on foot. In the chaos one of the extremist tries to block the driver and the driver is forced to slam on his breaks to avoid hitting the person, he then quickly navigates his truck to safety.

The mob is relentless and chases after the truck throwing objects and screaming in hysterical delight as they encourage each other to attack. False claims from local news outlets have claimed that the motorist "plowed through the crowd”-though the video clearly shows multiple vehicles being rushed and surrounded during Sundays attacks with weapons at the ready. That is exactly what happened to the driver of this vehicle, he was surrounded, attacked and attempting to escape the violence of far left extremists.

Ironically the target of Sunday's far left hate was aimed at fellow Oregonians who were part of a freedom rally celebrating the very freedoms these individuals are quick to invoke while they engage in their terror campaigns against citizens, neighborhoods, businesses, police and yes, even Ted Wheeler. The American flag is somehow offensive to the far left who love to abuse the freedoms defended for them by the countless men and women that our great American flag represents. Far left extremist have a habit of showing up with the intent to engage in violence anytime a gathering takes place that was not approved by them, or does not fall in line with their anti-American extremist agenda. These far left extremist engage in mob violence and embody fascism while hiding behind the acronym ANTIFA. The hypocrisy doesn’t stop there, this far left group accuses anyone who dare oppose them, or will not comply with their fascist dictates to be a Nazi, a white supremist -- white or not -- a racist and most ironically, a fascist.

Lets quickly go over what a fascist is: A fascist is characterized by dictatorial power and individual(s) who try to control others in a forceful and unfair way, expecting unquestioned obedience through intimidation. Fascists like “ANTIFA” forcibly suppress opposition and demand a strong regimentation of society and of the economy, fascist have been known to call what they were doing a form of revolution, and as you would expect they will often never admit they themselves are actual fascists. Hiding behind the acronym “ANTIFA” which they claim stands for “Anti-Fascist”, these violent far left extremist engage in overt and covert fascist tactics which take place daily on the streets of Portland, Oregon and across America. Fascist like so called “ANTIFA” use and condone violence when attacking individuals that they view as “other”, they co-opt movements and are engaged in racist and hateful tactics. Keep in mind the recent tensions between members of BLM and Antifa who both seem to hide behind acronyms insisting they are the “good guy” while committing unspeakable acts of violence. These far left anti-American extremist groups have co-opted a movement and used it as a shield while spewing hate and propaganda against the Americans they see as opposition.

Antifa and other far left extremists have taken over neighborhoods and streets while demanding that tax paying citizens come out of their homes and that diners stop eating and come and join them in the streets. If homeowners or diners refuse, they risk intimidation and/or attack, if a citizen is caught in the cross fire of one of these vicious mob gatherings the far left extremist will demand that innocent bystander leave the area under threats of violence, and often times they will brutally attack. No one is safe from the mayhem that the far left has unleashed on our society, we have witnessed motorists dragged from vehicles and beaten unconscious in our streets, and sadly as we have seen they will even commit murder on a busy sidewalk in a busy downtown area, like what happened to Aaron Jay Danielson in Portland, Oregon this summer.

Far left extremists have been committing lawless acts and countless violent crimes, including murder in full view of witnesses for far too long. They commit these unspeakable acts with almost no intervention from law enforcement due to destructive polices from politicians like Kate Brown. They are brazen and many know that Democrat run cities will not hold them accountable, why else would they commit these criminal acts in full view of law enforcement while recording their own lawlessness, afterwards they will celebrate. When these far left terrorist took over the streets of Salem and began attacking motorist on Sunday many pro-freedom Oregonians surely feared for their safety, if not their lives. Many of them may have hoped that nearby law enforcement would intervene swiftly, unfortunately multiple motorists would be violently attacked and their vehicles badly damaged before OSP, SPD and SWAT finally intervened.

When you read our next article regarding the 55 year old man who was forced to draw his firearm for protection, you will further understand why now more than ever, Oregonians need their second amendment freedoms in all places and at all times.

Video courtesy Sergio Olmos and Maranie R. Staab

--Esther August

Post Date: 2021-04-01 09:37:17Last Update: 2021-03-31 18:10:46

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