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State Senators to Vie for ORP Leadership
Leveraging relationships seen as key

In an announcement delivered via email to various members of the party, a group of State Senators appears to have put together a slate to run for leadership positions in the Oregon Republican Party.

The message is as follows

Friends in the Oregon Republican Party-

We are a group of state senators running for positions in state leadership of the Oregon Republican Party.

The positions we are running for are:

Sen. Dallas Heard, Chairman
Sen. Herman Baertschiger, Vice-Chairman
Sen. Dennis Linthicum, Treasurer
Sen. Chuck Thomsen, Secretary

After careful thought, we believe the cohesion the four of us have - especially in light of being the leadership team of the two senate walkouts to deny cap and trade corruption - is critical toward driving our Party to unprecedented heights. We have a lot of great relationships already throughout the ORP, and applaud past efforts to move our Party forward in Oregon. Our committed team simply believes we can drive us to levels once thought to be out of reach.

Below are our priorities. We aim to raise adequate funding for the Party's strategic growth investments, to launch a massive voter registration campaign that is needed to take back Oregon, and to recruit and empower new energetic grassroots members so we can achieve long term success for Oregonians.

Voter Registration:
We believe we can secure the funding and manpower to implement unprecedented Republican voter registration in Oregon. This will be widespread, and we are convinced voter registration is our single greatest project for the next two years.

As elected officials, and having achieved prior levels of success in our private lives, we are confident we can help meet important fundraising benchmarks to launch the Oregon Republican Party.

Our goal is to be open with everybody, and create conditions where whomever replaces us in the future will transition properly. We will also champion unprecedented access and information sharing with state legislative-level messaging and campaign operations.

Candidate Recruitment:
Finding great candidates, even for the most local offices, is vitally important. We hope to empower a whole new generation of freedom-loving leaders to take on the task of public service.

Sen. Herman Baertschiger (R-Grants Pass) will be leaving office in January. He will be succeeded by Art Robinson (R-Cave Junction) in his Senate seat. Dallas Heard (R-Myrtle Creek) has been a State Senator since 2018 when he replaced Jeff Kruse. Dennis Linthicum (R-Beatty) was elected to the State Senate in 2016. Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River) is the longest serving of the four, elected in 2010.

Critics from within the party have said that the party is focused too much on national issues and faces continual divisions based on internal party politics.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2020-11-21 02:31:12Last Update: 2020-11-21 11:03:18

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