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Steve Bates to Seek Election to Senate Seat
Bates will be on the May 17th Republican Primary Ballot

At the January 4th meeting of the Boring Community Planning Organization, long time Boring community leader, Steve Bates announced his intention to run for Senate District 26.

Senator Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River), who currently serves in Senate District 26 has stated he will not seek re-election.

Steve Bates advised the Boring CPO that the redistricting just completed by the state legislature has assigned an average of 141,241 residents to each senate district. He stated that "the Senate District 26 boundaries that take effect in January, 2023 have been changed dramatically. They stretch from The Dalles to Canby, taking in a portion of Wasco County, all of Hood River County, areas east of Troutdale in Multnomah County and, based upon 2020 census data, about 90,000 Clackamas County residents that include those living in the Mount Hood Villages, Sandy, Boring, Eagle Creek, Estacada, Beavercreek, portions of Oregon City and Canby."

Steve Bates stated "Of the estimated 141,000 residents of Senate District 26, about 70% live within a 35 mile radius of my home. I am in a very good location to properly represent all of the people of SD26. I have lived in Boring for 45 years and I recall most of the time, my Senator lived within a 30 or 35 mile radius from me."

As a result of his announcement at the meeting, the Boring Community Planning Organization voted unanimously to endorse Steve Bates for Oregon Senate District 26.

Steve Bates has been involved with the state legislature over the past several years advocating for the community of Boring and veterans issues. 17 pieces of legislation have been introduced at his request by several different legislators and over half of them received unanimous bi-partisan votes. Steve Bates said "I have developed relationships at the Capitol through the years and I look forward to expanding those relationships and adding to them as the Senator from SD26."

He plans to work on the following items which can receive bi-partisan support: Transportation Issues such as traffic congestion, Law & Order - funding for the Oregon State Police and County Sheriffs, Veterans Issues and Mental Health Advocacy.

Steve Bates has stated: "In addition to advocating for our veterans, I will also further the efforts to reclaim and activate the Willamette Falls Locks so that there is a navigable waterway from Portland to Salem in the event of a major catastrophe." He also intends to support issues such as community college funding, prioritizing vocational education and replacing the Clackamas County Courthouse.



Marie Teune, an elected board member of both, the Oregon Trail School District Board and Mt. Hood Community College Board issued this statement: "Beyond a doubt, Steve Bates is the most qualified person to run for Oregon State Senate. Being his neighbor for 40 years, its been amazing to see how he has become an icon in our community. Steve exemplifies honesty, integrity, leadership, commitment and hard work for the community he cares so much about. We need Steve representing our Senate District."

"Through the years, it has been my privilege to advocate for my community and our veterans around the state. It would be my honor to represent and advocate for my hometown and my fellow residents of Senate District 26," Bates declared.

A registered Republican, Steve Bates will be on the May 17th Republican Primary Ballot.

The winner of the primary election will face the Democrat nominee in the General Election on November 8th.

--Bruce Armstrong

Post Date: 2022-01-12 07:49:30Last Update: 2022-01-12 08:24:00

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