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Secretary of State Fagan Welcomes Biden Presidency
Wants to combat the scourge of disinformation that lies in wait

Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan issued a statement following the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Vice President Kamala D. Harris:

“Today we witnessed the peaceful transition of power at the very location where a violent coup was attempted only a few weeks ago. The peaceful transfer of leadership is the bedrock of our democracy and Oregonians of all political leanings can celebrate its occurrence once again. We have an opportunity to restore faith in democratic institutions and overcome the divisiveness that has engulfed our nation in modern times. And, with the historic inauguration of our nation’s first woman, South Asian American and Black vice president, and a cabinet that promises to reflect the diversity of our nation, we will have a federal government prepared to continue our journey towards a more perfect union.”

“While we have much work ahead of us to ensure that everyone, regardless of who they are, what their political affiliation is or where they live, feels heard and included in the institutions that serve them, today is a reminder of the greatness, hope, and resiliency of our democracy."

“I look forward to joining leaders in our state and nation to restore faith in our democracy and combat the scourge of disinformation that lies in wait to divide us once again.”

Critics have noted that while at one time, the left, led by people like Secretary Fagan, are calling for unity and inclusion, at the same time they are accusing their political opponents of a violent coup attempt and preparing to "combat the scourge of disinformation..."

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-01-20 12:07:51Last Update: 2021-01-20 12:17:13

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