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Firearms Legislation Proposed for Session
Spoiler alert: Stock up on ammo

The Oregon Firearms Federation has put out a statement on firearms related legislation that has been made public for the upcoming legislative session:

Here is a quick run down on the anti-gun bills. The statement continues:

"As you know, pursuant to the rules imposed by the House Speaker and the Senate President, you will no longer be permitted to testify against these bills in the Capitol building. Remote testimony during the interim sessions was mostly a failure and people who signed up to testify often could not. Republican legislators who had comments that the chairs of the committees disagreed with were shut off. Do not expect to be treated differently.

"So what does all this mean? The Democrats still have a super majority. They do not need a single Republican vote to pass any of these bills, and except for the permit to purchase bill, they have been trying to pass all this stuff for years. So they are determined. They are also blood thirsty and vindictive. The only reason some of this did not get passed last session was because the Republicans walked out. We have no way of knowing if they will again. Walking out is very costly and subjects Republicans to arrest.

"For the last year the State Police and Sheriffs have used covid as an excuse to either not do their jobs (conducting background checks and issuing CHL’s) or to do them very badly.

"As we have learned, nothing in the law compels Sheriffs to accept CHL applications and nothing in the permit-to-purchase law compels them to accept applications to purchase.

"While the law does require the State Police to provide an estimate of time it will take them to complete a background check for a current firearms purchase, they frequently ignore that law and face no liability for doing so. There is little reason to believe that these same practices will not apply to the permit-to-purchase law.

"It is impossible for us to predict if the Democrats will be more successful eliminating your rights this session than they have in past. (The Democrats in the US Congress are also introducing an avalanche of anti-gun bills.) But it would be prudent to consider it likely and if you plan to own any firearms in the future, and you can find them, maybe now would be the time to acquire them. The same is true if you are considering an “unfinished” receiver purchase."

The session officially begins on Jan, 19th.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-01-11 13:00:49Last Update: 2021-01-11 13:39:51

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