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Lockdowns Aren’t Working
Governor Kate Brown acknowledges they aren’t working

"Not even our most strict policies of infection control and visitation protocols have been able to fully protect our elderly Oregonians." Thus declared Oregon Governor Kate Brown in a press conference Tuesday December 22nd, the day after Oregon's legislature met for the third special session, passing a massive $800 Million spending package.

Brown announced that not even our strictest policies of infection control have helped to stop the spread of COVID-19 within congregate care facilities. Brown went on to state "it feels really good that we can now start these vaccinations with the hope that these folks can reunite with their families once again, and feel safe from the virus soon". While feeling safe is surely important, feelings are far from facts. Governor Brown, and the Oregon Health Authority have yet to address the lack of testing of the COVID-19 vaccine upon the frail elderly population. Similarly there is no back up plan, or alternate care protocols put into place, should the vaccine not be as effective as hoped, within the frail elderly. Questions still remain regarding changes to policy, and restrictions being lifted, once the vaccine is administered. Leaving many to wonder what the timeline is for visitation of their loved ones, who are locked inside these care facilities.

On the other hand, according to Brown, the two week "freeze" has paid off, resulting in the stemming of cases previously projected to spike, as seen around other holidays. Brown also acknowledged that case counts are still up, and the death toll has still increased, yet claimed "this is proof that we determine, we determine, how the next few months will play out while we work to swiftly distribute the vaccines far and wide across the state." With this in mind, Brown urged Oregonians to rethink Christmas and of course, no New Year's Eve Party this year.

Brown applauded Congress for the $900 billion "stimulus package", claiming it will soon go to struggling Oregonian's who need it most, as well as $800 million passed by Oregon Legislature, which focused mainly on landlord/rental assistance. Brown claimed the new relief aid, essentially a $600 stimulus check, will be a "lifeline in the coming months". Brown also claimed funding will go to those who have made the most sacrifices, apparently homeowners do not fall into this category, as no financial help has been appropriated for homeowner relief.



Nearly 4,500 frontline healthcare workers have been given the vaccines. The next batch is slated for school teachers and staff according to the federal Centers for Disease Control Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices guidelines, in an effort to get kids back to school. Brown stated that nothing is more important than our children's "social and emotional learning." Unenrollment has taken a toll on the education budget, which is allocated per student attending public school. Earlier this year it was reported the Governor's office held concerns about a "mass exodus" from public school.

What is not being spoken of or addressed are those being left behind. The small business owner who followed every executive order and spent extra money for compliance and mitigation, and now their business will stay closed permanently. The homeowners who lost their job, or closed their business doors, and will now be foreclosed upon. The elderly dying alone, and their family members who never got to say goodbye. The fate of those who thrive, survive, or barely get by, rests solely in the hands of the party in power.

--Breeauna Sagdal

Post Date: 2020-12-23 04:15:33Last Update: 2020-12-24 21:29:49

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