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Are Mandatory Vaccines Moot?
Or is the boot of government just a necessary thing?

So why is it being proposed as an Emergency?

The Oregon Health Authority finally released, long anticipated data on Oregon's non medical exemption rates for children entering Kindergarten. According to Attorney Robert Snee of Oregonians For Medical Freedom "This data is of vital importance as it gives the State an accurate understanding of what to expect in terms of medical vs non medical exemption rates. When a child is going into Kindergarten fully vaccinated, according to the CDC recommended schedule, that's usually a good indication those children will stay on the schedule."

In the Oregon Health Authority's April 30th report, just released publicly, the data clearly shows Oregon Kindergartners are entering schools at 93.1% fully vaccinated. It's also important to note that the 6.9% entering school with a non medical exemption, aren't necessarily missing all vaccines on the CDC schedule. OHA lumps together all students, missing one or more, vaccines, to calculate the percentage rate. It's also likely, non medical exemption rates have more to do with Covid-19 restrictions, than it does vaccine hesitancy. According to a joint prediction made by the World Health Organization, GAVI and UNICEF millions of children in 68 Countries are at risk of missing their vaccines on time "due to disruptions in the delivery and uptake of immunization services caused by the COVID-19 pandemic". In fact a new set of codes were recently issued, updating the ICD-10 procedure coding system, for vaccine injury due to "underdosing". Underdosing is a relatively new concept in medicine to describe why a patient failed to comply. As of October 1rst 2020, ICD coding was updated to include vaccine underdosing due to manufacturer supply shortages.

Regarding disruptions to uptake, rural Oregon clinics have had to close their doors, while larger urban area CCO's have limited in person client services, and appointments. Oregonians have endured massive barriers to routine health services after Oregon Governor Kate Brown halted care, in order to preserve personal protective equipment for a surge in hospitalizations, which never actually materialized.

"Chances are, we will continue to see a decline in non medical vaccine exemptions as schools open, and healthcare providers wade through backlogged procedures" says Alsea School District Superintendent Marc Theilman. "The Alsea School District has had our brick and mortar school open throughout this entire pandemic, due to increased safety protocols, and our vaccine exemption rates have remained well within normal range. The new school vaccine bill seems opportunistic, and overreaching, at a time when our communities are already struggling. We might do well to build back trust within our communities, first, before introducing new laws requiring vaccines." Suggests Theilman.

SB254 starts out with "Removes ability of Parent to decline required immunizations against restrictable diseases on behalf of child for reasons other than child's indicated medical diagnosis."

The legal concept is slated for the 2021 regular session, where it's questionable if the public will be granted access to the Capitol under ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. Like most bills these days, it's also been declared an "emergency", where, upon its passage, it will take immediate effect, bypassing voter opposition in the form of a referendum.

It's unclear if this new legal concept will allow Doctors to write medical exemptions for vaccine injury, medical history, sibling injury history, PANS/PANDAS, MTHFR genetic mutations, or children who are immunocompromised. These contraindications and precautions are not covered under ACIP/CDC guidelines for medical exemptions, leaving frustrated parents to homeschool, or, for states that allow it, to use the non medical exemption option. These decisions must be weighed carefully, by parents, ultimately tasked with the lifelong care needs of vaccine injured children. Especially when considering there is no manufacturer liability for injuries caused by vaccines.



Is this really an emergency requiring State involvement, or a moot point, in terms of data? The question seems omnipresent as the new Covid-19 vaccines have been added to the childhood schedule for ages 16 and up.

--Breeauna Sagdal

Post Date: 2020-12-18 06:40:21Last Update: 2021-01-12 17:55:12

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