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Public Testimony Invited for Session
There is a small window of opportunity for public testimony.

Prior to Monday’s special session to address urgent issues critical to the COVID-19 pandemic and wildfire relief, the Joint Interim Committee on the Third Special Session of 2020 will hear public testimony on the legislative concepts to be considered during the session. The committee will meet virtually at the following times: The Saturday public hearing is scheduled in order to hear any remaining testimony from the Thursday meeting. The committee will receive public testimony on the following legislative concepts that will be considered during the special session. Members of the public can provide written or verbal testimony at this meeting. Written testimony, which is encouraged, should be submitted by email to J3SS.exhibits@oregonlegislature.gov. Testimony is posted online to the Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS) as part of the legislative record and made publicly available at this link. The public record will be extended 24 hours after the committee meeting is set to begin.

Registration is required to testify by phone or video. To sign up, members of the public can either use the online form at this link or by calling 833-588-4500 for assistance. Registration closes at 1 pm on Thursday, December 17, 2020. The following members will serve on the committee: The Capitol Building is currently closed to the public and meetings are taking place remotely. The public can go to OLIS to access a live stream of these meetings. Locate the meeting date and click on the camera icon at the designated time.
--Staff Reports

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