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Oregon Republicans Launch Recall of Governor Brown
The effort last summer fell short.

The Oregon Republican Party announced today, the launch of the “Stop The Abuse - Recall Kate Brown” campaign to gather signatures to place the recall of Governor Kate Brown on the ballot this fall and end “her disastrous, unaccountable, and abusive tenure as the chief executive of our state,” stated Chairman Bill Currier.

During the summer of 2019, the “Stop The Abuse - Recall Kate Brown” campaign pursued an all-volunteer, grassroots signature-gathering effort and fell short of the 280,050 signatures required. Nearly 33% of the signatures came from non-Republicans.

“In 2019, there was clearly buyer’s remorse about Kate Brown’s leadership that led hundreds of thousands of voters to seek to hold her accountable,” said Currier. “The conduct of the Governor during the events of 2020 has only served to reveal just how devastating Brown’s abuse of power could truly be upon Oregon. A year ago, citizens were angry, but now Oregonians are fighting for their livelihoods and their freedoms. Governor Brown’s unlawful executive orders stand in the way of restoring both.”

“Why keep a Governor that cannot deal with what she dismissed as "small groups" of rioters around the state and can't deliver desperately needed unemployment benefits for 50% of Oregon's 400K unemployed who have now been waiting over two months? No one seriously believes that this Governor is going to somehow do a great job turning the economy around when the only thing she seems to be good at is shutting the economy down and killing off more employers with taxes and suffocating regulation.”

“Today, Kate Brown acts as if the Office of the Governor is all-powerful and unaccountable, and for an unlimited period of time. That kind of power is too much for any officeholder, but especially for this Governor who is trampling on the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of her citizens. The only positive way forward for our state is to remove Kate Brown from office.”

“Oregon’s citizens have suffered enough as a result of the fallout of Brown’s handling of COVID-19. The curve has been flattened, but now the Governor seems to be more interested in controlling and fleecing Oregonians for every penny, than keeping us safe. We can’t afford two more years of Kate Brown. Through her failed and abusive leadership, Kate Brown is effectively recalling herself. The campaign to end her disastrous tenure and bring new hope to our state starts today.”

You can go here for more information or to obtain petitions to sign.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2020-06-01 17:35:11Last Update: 2020-06-01 17:35:30

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