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Brown Delivers Budget Wish List
The publication of the Governor’s budget is the start of the biennial budget process

After a technology snafu that had Kate Brown jumping out of her chair and dancing around shaking it off, she resumed her 2021 budget presentation presser, centering on racial justice. Repeating the script she restarted, “What a year it has been...” She said that Oregonians have stepped up to protect friends and neighbors. Keeping each other healthy and well. Through fires and a global pandemic, we are determined to rise and rebuild and have every voice heard.

She went on to say, she thinks that the state’s north star is the Governor’s budget. To do so we must first recognize racism impacts every part of our culture and economy. The Governor continued with, “This budget doesn’t put enough into education and public health. It doesn’t go far enough to heal the pain of 2020. Oregon alone cannot do that. We need Federal government to stand up and respond.” She is asking more for OHP and COVID-19 testing. According to the Governor another $685 Million is needed for pandemic reasons. She also stated that we need another round of the paycheck protection program. Due to losing half of its childcare supply, we need to rebuild with federal aid as well as additional federal aid for schools and colleges, cities, counties, tribal governments and courts need help. “It’s time for DC to get its act together.”

She encouraged folks to contact their congressperson and ask for federal funds.

The Governor also confirmed the likelihood of a catastrophic session is great. “I am absolutely committed that we meet needs of vulnerable Oregonians." She is working with legislative leadership now on implementing one. Given community spread of COVID-19 she wants to ensure a way for Oregonians to participate via technology and keeping legislators and staff safe.

When asked about getting kids back into schools Kate Brown said “there is a specific plan for vaccination of teachers and schools.” There has not been any COVID-19 trials completed on children.

--Nicole DeGraff

Post Date: 2020-12-01 14:03:32Last Update: 2020-12-01 14:21:10

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