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Metro Transportation Tax Fails
Voters reject higher taxes and light rail

As perhaps a sign that the era of unlimited yes votes on taxation measures in the metro Portland area might be waning, Metro voters have rejected Measure 26-218 by 57% to 42% -- a margin of 15% -- in a decisive statement that people in the region are starting to understand that first, the luster is gone from light rail and other related costly transportation initiatives and second, that if you tax employers, this gets passed on to employees and there is a limit to the amount of taxation people will tolerate.

Most of the local media supported the tax. For instance, Oregon Public Broadcasting, usually seen as a cheerleader for bigger government reported on the loss, but not the vote count, percent or margins. While reporting large corporate backers of the no vote, Stop the Metro Wage Tax, they largely failed to report that much of the support for the yes campaign were businesses that stood to gain from the funded transportation projects.

In a tax that would have fallen squarely on the working people of the Metro region, $4 Billion in spending was anticipated -- much of it on light rail, which is quickly becoming unpopular in the region.

The large donor list for Get Moving PAC reads like a "Who's Who" of big government supporters, labor interests and contracting companies, hoping to get in on projects.

Major donations to Get Moving PAC
11/04/2020Knock Software Inc$2,500
11/04/2020Portland Association of Teachers PAC (260)$5,000
11/02/2020International Union of Painters ad Allied Trades$5,000
11/01/2020David Vernier$2,000
11/01/2020Steven Byars$5,000
11/01/2020Terrance Aarnio$2,500
10/30/2020200 Market Associates LP$5,000
10/30/2020Waste Management $5,000
10/30/2020Jacobs Engineering Group$10,000
10/30/2020William Henderson$2,500
10/27/2020SEIU 503$5,000
10/26/2020Oregon Food Bank$5,000
10/26/2020Elisabeth Lyon$1,000
10/23/2020Friends of Lynn Peterson (18404)$5,000
10/23/2020Oregon AFSCME Council 75$5,000
10/22/2020Transportation Yes (14743)$7,149
10/22/2020Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.$50,000
10/21/2020NW Health Foundation$5,000
10/21/2020AECOM Technology Group$50,000
10/21/2020AFSCME 3580$3,000
10/19/2020Friends of Rob Nosse (16459)$1,000
10/19/2020HNTB Corporation$65,000
10/19/2020American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon$12,500
10/19/2020American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon$12,500
10/18/2020Stan Amy$1,000
10/18/2020Scott Kocher$1,000
10/18/2020Ben Wood$1,000
10/16/2020Mott McDonald$10,000
10/14/2020Siemens Industry Inc$40,000
10/13/2020Iron Workers District Council of the Pacific Northwest (3816)$5,000
10/13/2020Shirley Craddick for METRO Councilor (13893)$1,000
10/13/2020Portland Association of Teachers PAC (260)$5,000
10/13/2020Burns McDonnell$5,000
10/13/2020Hamilton Construction$10,000
10/13/2020The Sundt Co.$10,000
10/13/20203 Builds LLC$5,000
10/11/2020Herb Fricke$2,000
10/09/2020DOWL LLC$5,000
10/09/2020Oregon AFSCME Council 75$10,000
10/09/2020Shiels Obletz Johnsen Inc$1,000
10/08/2020Casso Consulting$5,000
10/02/2020DSK Associates$2,500
10/02/2020Parson's Corporation PAC$10,000
10/02/2020Shannon & Wilson, Inc.$3,000
10/02/2020Liuna Local 737 Political Action (20502)$10,000
09/28/2020Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters$40,000
09/27/2020Larry Fox$1,000
09/24/2020American Public Transportation Association$10,000
09/21/2020Headlight Technologies$5,000
09/21/2020OTAK, Inc$7,500
09/20/2020James Fuiten$5,000
09/20/2020Leah Riley$1,000
09/20/2020James McGrath$1,000
09/19/2020NW Health Foundation$15,000
09/13/2020Steve Naito$2,500
09/13/2020Brad Hart$10,000
09/11/2020Harper Houf Peterson Righellis$1,000
09/11/2020Friends of Bob Stacey (13836)$9,500
09/11/2020Affordable Housing for Oregon (19368)$4,299
09/11/2020David Evans & Associates, Inc.$30,000
09/08/2020UFCW Local 555$10,000
09/06/2020Elizabeth Faulkner$1,000
08/30/2020Matt Miller$5,000
08/28/2020Communications Strategies$1,000
08/28/2020Professional & Technical Employees Local 17$1,000
08/28/2020Insulators International PAC$2,000
08/24/2020Local 48 Electricians PAC (4572)$100,000
08/21/2020William Shields$2,000
08/14/2020Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.$150,000
08/14/2020David Evans & Associates, Inc.$10,000
08/03/2020Herb Fricke$1,000
07/31/2020Cement Masons Local 555 $5,000
07/27/2020Warren Rosenfeld$5,000
07/09/2020OTAK, Inc$1,500
07/06/2020Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters$10,000
06/17/2020American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon$25,000
05/02/2020American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon$1,000
04/30/2020Burns McDonnell$5,000
04/30/2020Ian McHone$5,000
04/12/2020UFCW Local 555$10,000
04/12/2020200 Market Associates LP$10,000
03/30/2020HNTB Corporation$10,000
03/20/2020Jesse Jackson$5,000
03/20/2020Rachel L Bruce$5,000
03/20/2020Affordable Electric$5,000
03/20/2020Jeff Moreland$5,000
03/20/2020Chicks of All Trade$5,000
03/20/2020Just Bucket Excavating$5,000
03/20/2020Raimore Construction$10,000
03/12/2020Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.$10,000
03/09/2020Walsh Construction Company$5,000
03/09/2020AECOM Technology Group$15,000
01/28/2020Transportation Yes (14743)$5,000

--Staff Reports

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