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Firearm Sales Spark Waits
When you couldn’t buy toilet paper, you were trying to buy a Glock, weren’t you?

The Oregon State Police, Firearms Instant Check System (FICS) reports a 57% increase as of the end of September over the same period last year. That’s 310,570 people buying firearms this year.

In step with the Governor’s COVID-19 shut down in March, gun sales went from a modest increase to a 78% jump. Staying around that level until the special session in June calling for police restrictions, sales increased to 107%. Oregon Firearms Federation reported 5000 people waiting in the “queue” for a background check. The increases have continued at 49% last month.

In March, FICS began temporarily discontinuing phone transactions and shifted resources toward online submissions to expedite the process. While gun sales are at an all-time high, Oregon’s FICS for background checks is in the worst shape ever as 65% of the employees work from home with no reliable access to the system and no cell phone access to the system. To complicate resources, four background examiners took extended COVID FMLA/OFIA leave March-May, plus two resignations. The remaining 22 background examiners are expected to clear an average of 1,133 per day, a 57% increase from 2019. Of those 94% are approved.

A common reason for delay in approval is a “near hit” on the name, DOB or SSN# typed into the transaction, incorrect information. Or need to update information. These have to be reviewed by the FICS staff even if the applicant does not have a criminal history. There were 91 denied for mental health adjudication. However, the most common reason for denial is from a convicted felon or on probation with other criminal activities making up the rest of the list. Ninety guns were determined to be stolen.

Oregon State Police list their obligations as: While law enforcement is being restricted by the majority party in the legislature, violence escalates, leaving many law-abiding citizens struggling to have the means to defend their homes. At least we don't have background checks for ammo... If you can still find it.

--Donna Bleiler

Post Date: 2020-10-05 23:22:13Last Update: 2020-10-06 02:52:56

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