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Big Money Battle Brewing Over Metro Transportation Tax
Get Moving PAC has been getting moving

Measure 26-218 is a local Metro ballot measure which authorizes Metro to impose a payroll tax not to exceed 0.75% on employers with 26 or more employees beginning in 2022.

According to Metro, projects would include a light rail line in the Southwest Corridor between downtown Portland and Washington County, a rapid regional bus network, bridge replacement and repair, sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, off-street biking and walking facilities, and traffic signal and intersection upgrades. It would also fund several additional transportation programs across the region, such as youth bus and MAX passes, walking and biking projects near schools, bus reliability, transition of buses from diesel to electric and low-carbon fuels, retention of affordable housing and addressing potential displacement along transportation corridors.

Some of the persons, unions and companies that could possibly benefit from contracts funded by Measure 26-218 are:
This is a full list of major donors to Get Moving PAC.

09/21/2020Headlight Technologies$5,000
09/21/2020OTAK, Inc$7,500
09/20/2020James Fuiten$5,000
09/20/2020Leah Riley$1,000
09/20/2020James McGrath$1,000
09/13/2020Steve Naito$2,500
09/13/2020Brad Hart$10,000
09/11/2020Harper Houf Peterson Righellis$1,000
09/11/2020Friends of Bob Stacey (13836)$9,500
09/11/2020Affordable Housing for Oregon (19368)$4,299
09/11/2020David Evans & Associates, Inc.$30,000
09/08/2020UFCW Local 555$10,000
09/06/2020Elizabeth Faulkner$1,000
08/30/2020Matt Miller$5,000
08/28/2020Communications Strategies$1,000
08/28/2020Professional & Technical Employees Local 17$1,000
08/28/2020Insulators International PAC$2,000
08/24/2020Local 48 Electricians PAC (4572)$100,000
08/21/2020William Shields$2,000
08/14/2020Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.$150,000
08/14/2020David Evans & Associates, Inc.$10,000
08/03/2020Herb Fricke$1,000
07/31/2020Cement Masons Local 555 $5,000
07/27/2020Warren Rosenfeld$5,000
07/09/2020OTAK, Inc$1,500
07/06/2020Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters$10,000
06/17/2020American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon$25,000
05/02/2020American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon$1,000
04/30/2020Burns McDonnell$5,000
04/30/2020Ian McHone$5,000
04/12/2020UFCW Local 555$10,000
04/12/2020200 Market Associates LP$10,000
03/30/2020HNTB Corporation$10,000
03/20/2020Jesse Jackson$5,000
03/20/2020Rachel L Bruce$5,000
03/20/2020Affordable Electric$5,000
03/20/2020Jeff Moreland$5,000
03/20/2020Chicks of All Trade$5,000
03/20/2020Just Bucket Excavating$5,000
03/20/2020Raimore Construction$10,000
03/12/2020Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.$10,000
03/09/2020Walsh Construction Company$5,000
03/09/2020AECOM Technology Group$15,000
01/28/2020Transportation Yes (14743)$5,000

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2020-09-27 11:57:37Last Update: 2020-09-27 13:21:46

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