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Republican Senator Concerned About Student Success in Oregon
Oregon is failing children that are not in school

A Republican senator in Oregon is expressing concern about the Oregon Department of Education's failure to get Oregon students back in schhol and back to learning.

Senator Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) claims the arbitrary COVID-19 education standards enacted by Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) will impair access and harm students’ success.

Some rural Oregon communities will be reopening schools for in-person instruction for 3rd grade and younger children, excluding older students.

“What is the difference between a 3rd grade student and a 4th, 5th or 6th grade student?” asked Senator Linthicum. “After all, each grade level will interact with their teachers and other students and, one could argue, older children have a decidedly better capacity for exercising more caution and care about their environment. Governor Brown and OHA will be the ones responsible for denying education access for those most vulnerable, and they are ruining the chances of success for those who are excluded.”

Senator Linthicum continued, “The arbitrary decision regarding one grade level verses another cannot be justified. Why are some students given opportunity to learn in-person when they live in specific geographic locations, but not others? This is a capricious policy.

“According to the CDC, COVID-19 poses low risks to school-aged children and teachers, therefore getting students in school must be a priority. The governor has failed to open in-person public education for all Oregon students, and is making it harder to seek alternatives through online charter schools and private school education. These education opportunities are critical to Oregon’s future and it is shameful to see our children’s education politicized.”

--Ben Fisher

Post Date: 2020-09-22 16:09:23Last Update: 2020-09-22 16:37:27

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