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Oregon Freedom Rally to be Held
Medical Freedom is sponsoring the event

Uniting under the banner of medical freedom, a Freedom Rally is being held September 27th from 1:00 to 4:00 in Salem. Among a full list of slated speakers is Oregon State Senator Dallas Heard.

Heard was recently featured in National File, after asking a very simple question in a committee hearing, to which he's a legislative member of. When Heard asked Portland Police Chief who was responsible for the violence and destruction in downtown Portland, the meeting was quickly gaveled to a close, and the question labeled dangerous.

Heard is also on record calling out the closure of the State Capitol to the public, during special session, as a grave concern to our Republic. He has championed transparency, and accountability, during a dark time in Oregon's history, after losing public records czar Ginger McCall to intimidation from the Governor's office. Heard is a great asset to his district, and an advocate for freedom.

He said, "Freedom or tyranny are the choices we face and the contrast between the two major parties has never been more defined. I am excited to join thousands of Oregonians in Salem to show Kate Brown and the radical left that we will not go quietly into the night. Freedom is not going away and it's because you and I are here to push back against the darkness that has boldly removed its mask over the past year. This is not just another rally. This is about uniting and organizing under one effort to turnout the vote of freedom this November. Alone we are nothing, united we are the force of freedom and light! Be the light!"

The event will host some of Oregon's most prominent lawmakers, along with issue-based advocacy groups, who are joining forces going into the 2021 long session. Last long session, the State came together and was able to defeat several radical, draconian bills. It's only through a unified front, with very clear objectives, that the grassroots believe they'll find another victory for freedom in this battleground State. Over 30 years of one-party rule is now coming to a head, freedom lovers must ensure balance, or accept defeat to radical progressivism, and communism.

State agencies continue to take, and tax from suffering Oregonians. Some who have recently lost everything to Covid-19, and devastating fires brought on by terrifying forest mismanagement, that values politics over people. Many will soon find that they're unable to rebuild due to new zoning restrictions against single family dwellings. Others will be forced to grapple with the fact that there's simply no budget for victims, as the entire budget was recently shifted and re-appropriated to urban areas, in last month's special session.

Many have become increasingly frustrated, and disillusioned with Oregon's Democratic party, Kate Brown in particular has drawn public criticism and ire. The Oregon Republican Party has reported a huge increase in voter registration, as people are becoming increasingly aware of the issues. Medical Freedom is an issue that is truly bipartisan in reach, yet upheld by the minority party only, as vaccine mandates continue to be pushed on a party line vote. It remains unclear how Trump's rushed Covid-19 vaccine will fit into this, increasingly politicized issue. The love of freedom, without fear of government intrusion, should not be partisan, but heralded by all. Tiffany Galloway, an organizer of the event states "We welcome all to attend, we're here to show support for those who care enough about our freedom to uphold it in the legislature. For us, this isn't about one party over another, it's about the ability to think for ourselves, and make decisions based upon what is right for us as individuals. Individualized medical care, in particular, is the basis for a free and just society. There's a very good reason why bodily autonomy was agreed to in the Nuremberg treaty, the doctor patient relationship is sacred".

You can find out more information about the event on Facebook.

--Breeauna Sagdal

Post Date: 2020-09-17 08:51:55Last Update: 2020-09-17 09:04:57

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