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Brown Called Out for Lack of Forest Management
House Republicans Leader Calls out Governor for Lack of Forest Management and Partisanship

House Republican Leader Christine Drazan (R-Canby) released the following statement on the aggressive partisanship from Govemor Kate Brown on the ongoing fires ravaging our state:

"I am deeply disappointed in the aggressive partisanship of our Governor in this time of incredible loss and devastation. But I won't let her claims go without setting the record straight. The Governor's recent comments on Face the Nation are intended to distract from her 29-year failed record on forest management.

Oregon's governor not only lacks the interest, let alone policy chops, needed to lead a state whose land mass is more than 50% forest, she cannot resist taking on the role of partisan-in-chief to the detriment of all Oregonians.

Even in the midst of incredible heroism and community-wide tragedy, Oregon's Governor, Kate Brown, cannot take off her partisan-colored glasses. In one of the worst fire events in our state's history, Oregon's Governor gets herself on national television and goes political.

Her partisanship in a time of tragedy, sacrifice and bravery is shameful, misleading, and manipulative.

The recommendations of the governor's short-lived Wildfire Council prioritized more political, yet less-effective, recommendations to move her environmental agenda instead of protecting Oregonians. Fuel reduction treatments are the most effective solution to reduce the threat of fires.

Instead the Governor continues to cater to an extreme agenda that would all but eliminate healthy and sustainable management of Oregon's forests, while she takes offline the essential diesel fueled firefighting equipment that saved countless homes and lives.

The Governor has issued dozens of executive orders in recent months, yet none of them addressed the need to sustainably manage Oregon' s forests to prioritize forest health and public safety. This is what failed leadership looks like. Entire communities have been reduced to ashes and Oregon's governor refuses to unify our state to rebuild and recover together, preferring partisan jabs over old-fashioned leadership.

In the Same way Kate Brown has failed to provide employment benefits to desperate Oregonians, failed to bring a peaceful end to the riots in Portland and now has failed in her sacred duty to lead toward unity through tragedy, Governor Brown has repeatedly chosen the path of partisanship and division.

Kate Brown has no excuse for the dangerous state Of Oregon's forests after 29 years in elected office. The difficult days ahead demand leadership not partisanship. Now is the time to come together to serve Oregonians, restore hope and rebuild our communities."

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2020-09-14 13:30:32Last Update: 2020-09-14 13:37:39

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