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Prozanski: Water Cannons as Crowd Control
Why we can’t have a discussion about law enforcement.

Joint Committee On Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform met and had further discussions about the use of tear gas to control riots. The proposal is LC 742 which would regulate police use of pepper spray, sound devices or kinetic impact projectiles.

You'll remember that during the first special session in late June, the Legislature passed HB 4208 which placed strict limits on the ability of law enforcement to use tear gas to control riots and never for any other purpose.

(2) A law enforcement agency may not use tear gas for the purposes of crowd control except in circumstances constituting a riot, as described in ORS 166.015.
(3) Before using tear gas in circumstances constituting a riot, a law enforcement agency shall, in the following order:
     (a) Announce the agency’s intent to use tear gas;
     (b) Allow sufficient time for individuals to evacuate the area; and
     (c) Announce for a second time, immediately before using the tear gas, the agency’s intent to use tear gas.

During the discussion Sen. Floyd Prozanski suggested the consideration of water cannons as an alternative to chemical means of riot control. Committee Co-Chair Rep. Janelle Bynum bristled at the suggestion and an animated exchange ensued.

Other police reforms are on the table, as well as budget issues.

--Staff Reports

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