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Senate COVID Procedures Called Out
Maskless Sen. Heard, unwashed pens, hugging, etc.

Senate procedures regarding COVID-19 protection have come under fire.

Senator Dallas Heard (R-Winston) was called out of order by Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) for not wearing a mask.

Senator Brian Boquist (I-Dallas) submitted a vote explanation on SB 881 which, in addition to calling out the proposal as failing "all the legal and judicial prerequisites," he describes Senator Courtney's action against Senator Heard, as well as other actions and behaviors on the floor.

Just like in June 2019, the Democrat supermajority attempted to create a political media deception to deflect the legal deficiencies of the bill. I watched Senate majority staff request the Secretary’s’ floor staff to harass Senator Heard for not wearing a mask on the side aisle. Then President Courtney (Democrat) found Senator Heard out of order for not wearing a mask in the gallery, theoretically due to medical risks. However, for the record, the Senate President Courtney placed contaminated wooden signs on all desks today but members could not distribute floor letters regarding SB 881 debate. This happened dozens of times during the regular Session. Other leadership materials were placed on the members desks as well despite contamination prohibitions in the same presidential rules. President Courtney had over 20 members signing nearly a hundred picture posters at three different floor desks. Member after member, sheet after sheet, same felt markers ... zero sanitation. The perfect super spreader again in violation of the presidential rules. I personally saw almost every member shaking hands and giving hugs for which I did not refuse any Democrat handshake or hug. Dozens of head to head meetings and arm wraps. Floor and aisle chairs were back to inches apart. There was zero social distancing as OLIS video can easily prove. Many Democrats off the camera removed masks at breaks as well as Republicans. Pictures will even show the Presiding Officer without a mask. The President encouraged member staff not to attend supposedly due to medical concerns. President Courtney, Senator Wagner, and select individuals were complete hypocrites in an effort to deflect the debate on SB 881 for pure partisan political purposes not any medical reason what-so-ever.

The Senate passed SB 881 by a vote of 18-11. It passed another measure on redistricting, SB 882 by the same margin.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-09-22 10:49:27Last Update: 2021-09-22 11:24:22

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