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Dundee Mayor Mulls Congressional Run
Bonamici has proven to be a reliable ‘yes man’ for the Democrat party

Oregon’s Congressional District One is a tough demographic for Republican challengers. For decades Democrats have exerted a lock on that seat. Redistricting will change the boundaries, but changes aren’t known. Past incumbents Elizabeth Furse and David Wu enjoyed the same public union support extended to current office holder Suzanne Bonamici. Those three all understand that if you deliver for the public unions you’ll get millions in campaign funds and canvassers from the ranks of government employees. The new Congressional District 6 is likely to be Yamhill and Polk Counties and just enough Portland Democrats to ensure Democrat dominance in the seat.

Undaunted courage describes 2022 Republican challenger David Russ. Currently serving as mayor of Dundee, David runs as an alternative to representatives that promise one thing during a campaign and then obey party leadership once in office. In Bonamici’s case she obeys Nancy Pelosi if she wants to maintain her standing on Congressional committees. While accomplishing little for CD1 constituents, Bonamici has proven to be a reliable ‘yes man’ for the Democrat party.

David Russ, a very approachable candidate, has done what he has promised as mayor of Dundee. Russ puts it succinctly, "My campaign is strongly driven by faith and direction from God. My tenure will be driven by the Constitution and Service to my Constituents."

--Tom Hammer

Post Date: 2021-09-17 17:29:48Last Update: 2021-09-17 18:47:39

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