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How One Man Came to Terms with his Union
Destroying the property of others is not how we achieve justice

Editor's note: This first appeared in the author's personal blog. Public workers no longer are required as a condition of employment to be a member of or pay dues to a union. You can find out more at www.OptOutToday.com

Writing a letter the day following hand surgery ranks right up there with having a root canal, but some things need to be said--sooner rather than later.

Before getting to the meat of this letter, I'd like to preface it by saying that some years back SEIU did provide some (uncoordinated and clumsy) assistance regarding some office issues. This led to my return to the union under the rationale that they were a necessary evil. (You can read a little about my union ambivalence at the following links: BEFORE, AFTER and a little concerning the EVENTS themselves.) I should further disclose that I have even served briefly as a union steward--working to help ensure state employees were treated (and represented) with fairness rather than a disdainful bias. Let's face it, state supervisors and Human Resource departments have a great deal of power, and sometimes the worker needs someone in their corner. With SEIU, however, it's their actions outside the office that truly make it more difficult with each passing day to support them--particularly regarding BLM.

The other part of my background is that I almost pursued a police career before I changed professional directions in my late 20's towards state government. Over the preceding years, I attended countless training sessions and ridden-beside police officers as a volunteer observer from Yakima to Seattle. I understand police officers (usually), and I've seen many really good ones along with a few that probably shouldn't have been wearing that badge. While, of course, "all lives matter, black lives now," the problem with BLM as an organization has a lot to do with the its the people it draws and its stated beliefs. This is an organization that supports the fairy tale of subjective vs objective sexual identities, opposes the nuclear family, and stands in stark opposition to law and order--e.g. defunding of police. Whatever nonsense its supporters believe at any given moment, they demand those in positions of power--from mayors to police chiefs--show BLM unearned respect and honor, kowtowing to the organization by taking a knee, for instance. This isn't an organization aimed at racial justice, but an enterprise aimed at reweaving the social fabric in its own image and taking power away from the people.

When SEIU members posted on social media today about forming a barrier between rioters and city police and federal law enforcement, I voiced my opinion that this was foolish. My voice was met, of course, with profane responses from SEIU members who must believe that their role as members is to help BLM damage our cities and injure or kill our police officers. This is nothing short of a grab for power, and BLM should be recognized as something like a fascist organization using force and intimidation to silence those who oppose its siren call for "justice."

I've witnessed injustice, and when I do I take constructive action. This is something we can all do. Tearing down buildings and destroying the property of others, however, is not how we achieve justice...but anarchy.

For these reasons, then, I've decided to resign union membership diverting precious resources from an organization that no longer represents my values.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2020-07-23 16:50:26Last Update: 2020-07-23 21:14:58

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