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Nearman Appointment Attacked by Proposal
One would presume that such a bill has support in the House.

In a move clearly directed against former State Representative Mike Nearman, a bill has been introduced in the Oregon House to prohibit a person who has been expelled from the legislature to be appointed back to their seat. Representative Nearman was expelled from the Legislature last week. He has submitted a form indicating his willingness to serve if appointed.

HB 3413, introduced by State Representative Marty Wilde (D-Eugene) creates the prohibition. One would presume that such a bill has support in the House. It's less clear in the Senate.

This bill is just one more in a series of election reform bills designed to thwart Republican political activity. Earlier this session, SB 865 was proposed by Senators Lynn Findley (R-Vale), Bill Hansell (R-Athena) and Rob Wagner (D-Lake Oswego) to prohibit a person from simultaneously serving as holder of state office and as officer of state central committee of political party. Currently, Senator Dallas Heard (R-Roseburg) is the Chair of the Oregon Republican Party and Senator Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) is the Treasurer.

The Convention of Precinct Committeepersons to select nominees for Nearman's seat in House District 23 is set for Friday. Some of Nearman's supporters have pointed out that his expulsion was anti-democratic, where 59 persons who do not live in House District 23 have denied representation for the nearly 60,000 voters who do live in his district.

HB 3413 is scheduled be first read on the floor of the House today.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-06-21 08:34:58

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