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Analysis: Taxes and Freedom
There’s a war on property ownership

Sometimes don’t you just want to cut through all the lawmaking and get to the point?

The IRS was founded in 1913, a little over 100 years ago. Besides raising revenue for public goods, taxes serve to control people. The state has record revenues right now and the Democrat run, public union controlled legislature is still raising our taxes. That doesn’t make any sense you say, that kills the goose that lays the egg. Well it makes sense if you understand the game. The more you’re taxed the less freedom you have and the easier it is to control you.

You don’t have the economic freedom to send your kids to a decent private school because you’re already paying big time for public schools. You are paying for colleges that tell your kids their parent’s world is wrong. Those schools must be the merchants of doom or lose their government grant money which you helped provide.

Your taxes subsidize the purchase of government approved hybrid cars which means the SUV you prefer costs more than it should to meet regulations. Instead of road improvements you are paying for bike lanes you’re not using with each gallon of gas you buy. You drive on deliberately congested roads as the government wages war on the automobile you depend on to live your life. The government solution - toll the roads. You’re paying for big busses and light rail to travel millions of miles with just a few people riding to limited destinations.

You’re paying for inefficient health care you’re not using. Do you know people go to foreign countries to get good health care for about 20% of what we pay in this country? That’s what it really costs when you strip away the bloated bureaucracy, bogus lawsuits, needless testing, over paid administrative staff and a government managed profit structure.

You’re paying to feed, house, clothe, treat and protect people who are in the country illegally. You’re paying to house people who don’t want to work. Both groups are future voters for big government.



The sky hasn’t been cleaner, nor the waters clearer for decades and still we pay a huge bureaucracy to increase regulations and fines, build inefficient windmill and solar farms with money confiscated from gas and electric ratepayers by the Governor appointed Public Utilities Commissioner. To satisfy Democrat voters, century old dams are breached ruining agriculture and eliminating efficient electricity generation.

You, the taxpayer and law abiding citizen aren’t trusted to own a gun, to speak up against tyrannical government, to visit your elected representative, or decide what your children will be taught in teachers' union -- government – public schools that you pay for.

Your minister is bullied about what to say or the church will lose its tax status. Government protected Facebook decides what you can say or they’ll cancel you. You’re paying an inefficient regulatory bureaucracy huge fees to be inefficient, to delay or deny your plans to build or remodel. You’re paying inspectors huge fees to shut down your business if you resist their politically motivated rules.

The war on property ownership has government increase its holdings of formerly private property to the point of grossly mismanaged forests, streams, parks and rangeland. The government is not harvesting trees that could give you relief from all the taxes you’re paying. You’re paying for district attorneys that don’t prosecute criminals, future voters for government that wants to control you. If you own a commercial building you are paying property taxes to a government that put your tenants out of business. Apartment owners house increasing numbers each year and are rewarded with huge penalties if they manage their property as a business. Do you sometimes think that it’s heads tyrannical government wins, tails you lose?

--Tom Hammer

Post Date: 2021-06-10 09:48:35Last Update: 2021-06-10 10:06:58

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