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Government Scientific Establishments Criticized
Has real science become subservient to political institutions?

Senator Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) gave a speech on the Senate floor blasting the government’s response to COVID-19. According to the Senator, from Dr. Fauci, OHA Director Patrick Allen, and on to Governor Kate Brown, Oregonians were misled about the viruses' origins, masks, and virus transmission.

“Fauci’s emails are a perfect example of what happens when politics is put before science and when power is pursued before good policy. Governments at all levels were weaponized into bureaucratic machines of destruction that trampled on Oregonian's freedoms. When the government mandates are followed without the careful review of evidence and science, tyranny is the only result.

“Built on flimsy evidence, masks have now become a cult-like religious symbol. Despite the data coming in from around the world, some are so committed to masks that they will never take them off. The lies, the fear-mongering, and the propaganda were, and are, unwarranted by science. Public recognition is now breaking through the government’s façade and it is being exposed for what it has always been. Government agencies have mistakenly devastated the health, outlook, common sense, and financial stability of many of our most vulnerable populations.

“It is well past time to give Oregonians their liberties back. It's beyond time to allow Oregonians to make calculated risk assessments about their own lives and their own risks.”

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-06-09 10:33:50

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