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Analysis: Maybe It’s Time for a Change
Let NAVs vote in the Republican Primary?

Instead of the constant drumbeat of "voter fraud" how about we tackle the real issue concerning elections in Oregon? Voter registration. These numbers are for real. No they didn't change 300,000 voter's registration. That is not happening. Not 300,000. Maybe a mistake here or there. Folks, we must focus on those NAV (non affiliated voters). I believe it's time for Oregon Republicans to change the state platform and allow NAV's to vote in our Primary. It's a fact that when "Bob" votes for "Bill" in a primary, he will very likely vote for "Bill" again in the General. I am not seeking an "open primary" which would let any registered voter in, just NAV's and Republicans. The Democrats hate this idea and will not adopt it.

I believe we can take this state in one election if we do this. Otherwise, we are stuck in the same holding pattern of losing due to the sheer numbers of Democrats now registered in Oregon. Instead of complaining about a "problem" that no one can really seem to prove, let's make something real happen. I know the "old dog" GOP will hate this idea....but it's time for fresh ideas and I am offering one.

One more note: it's not 6 or 7 counties that swing elections in Oregon anymore....count them...there are now thirteen!! That's one third of the state. Folks: we need to really come to grips with these numbers and change our approach.

Oregon Republicans: think about it.

The SOS site shows registration by county, representative, senate and Congressional districts as of April 2021. The numbers don't lie. I am open to ideas of how to overcome that 300,000 voter registration gap. Feel free to give your ideas in social media. I only see positives with letting NAV's into our primary.

--State Representative Bill Post

Post Date: 2021-05-26 13:42:34Last Update: 2021-05-26 14:08:22

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