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Justice in Oregon
Facing your accuser is vital.

Founding Father James Madison said: “Justice is the end of the government. It is the end of civil society.” Justice is one of two, guaranteed in our pledge of allegiance, which ends with Justice and Liberty for all.

SB 296 is a request to continue to extend the time frames in court for any or all cases, based on a request from Chief Justice Marsha L. Walters. What might that mean to you personally?

Take a look at some statistics from the State of Oregon:

2019 saw 721,911 cases filed statewide. That includes all types of cases. 10% of those ran past the goal in time to be finished. 58% of the cases were done in 0-6 months.

In 2020 under our first agreement to allow the Chief Justice to extend time:

Cases filed 456,613 statewide. 13% ran past goal of time to be finished. 46.6 were complete in 0-6 months.

In the end, more than a quarter of a million fewer cases were filed. Even with 265,298 fewer cases filed to finish was 3% slower.

In Wasco County the main courtroom seats around 300. Isn’t it possible for a few people to have live court with that much distancing?? Facing your accuser is vital. Seeing the evidence, seeing the expressions, all are needed. Justice is for all.

--Liz Turner

Post Date: 2021-05-26 12:36:48Last Update: 2021-05-26 14:25:06

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