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Legislature Enables Medical Passports
Individually identifiable information would be used

Oregon's Governor Kate Brown has announced that she would immediately have the state follow the CDC guidance on masks, all the while setting standards so high it will be at least several weeks before Oregonians can breathe easy again.

According to the latest CDC guidance, all people will still be required to wear masks only on public transportation, inside airports and while in health care settings.

Not letting a CDC guideline go to waste, Governor Brown has her team, Representative Andrea Salinas (D-Lake Oswego), Representative Ron Noble (R-McMinnville), Senator Deb Patterson (D-Salem), Representative Lisa Reynolds (D-Portland), Representative Maxine Dexter (D-Portland), Representative Paul Evans (D-Monmouth), Representative Dacia Grayber (D-Tigard), Representative Rachel Prusak (D-Tualatin), and Representative Sheri Schouten (D-Beaverton) making sure HB 3057 passed both houses on May 13.

HB 3057 is Oregon’s attempt to make vaccine passports a reality. The bill violates federal law and HIPPA patient privacy. The intent is to allow nurses and bureaucrats not involved in patient care to access a citizens’ medical records on a computer system without either the patient or patient’s providers knowledge.

Senator Boquist (I-Dallas) has released a vote explanation saying:

“HB 3057 is an Oregon Health Authority end run on HIPAA confidential patient health information very likely in violation of federal law. Likely a statute designed to shield OHA from its illegal activities during the symptomatic Covid-19 political pandemic in which OHA locked seniors in homes to intentionally perish. Classic crimes against humanity. Oddly, the bill attempts to re-define Covid-19 directly to only cases of SARSCoV-2 instead of their own OHA CDC definition of symptomatic Covid-19 which is 16 times broader per the CDC’s own data. If the bill’s definition were strictly applied cases would plummet, however, the definition cannot be correct. Nor does OHA display any competency what-so-ever to be given any additional authority. The Carrier was quite clear the intent was to allow nurses and bureaucrats not involved in patient care to access a citizen’s medical records on a computer system without either the patient or patient’s providers knowledge. The Carrier stated the intent was to protect nurses from exposure that were not patient providers. The Carrier could not provide a reason for the need of this bill at this time when questioned…”

Boquist goes on to point out some discrepancies in the bill regarding the security of patient information that ultimately allows OHA to release patient information for any reason it deems necessary and to non-providers.

The legislative analysis indicates that according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule allows law enforcement, paramedics, and public health authorities to disclose protected health information (PHI) of an individual infected with, or exposed to, COVID-19. For public health purposes, federal law allows covered entities such as hospitals to disclose PHI with federal, state, and local health departments, if reporting is for public health activities and disclosure is required by federal, state, or local law.

Thus, we have HB 3057 authorizing disclosure, but the bill doesn’t just allow the Oregon Health Authority to receive information as HIPAA would suggest. It wants to share your medical information with the world. Whether it be via an app verifying vaccinations to fly or to do business in person, it discloses protected health information beyond the medical field and beyond public health purposes creating its own pandemic.

--Donna Bleiler

Post Date: 2021-05-18 11:24:43Last Update: 2021-05-18 11:44:07

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