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Glamour Salon Closing, Lindsey Graham Moving out of Oregon
Lindsey Graham expresses gratitude to Governor Kate Brown

On Wednesday, March 3, Oregon salon owner Lindsey Graham speaks out, following national media attention that began when Graham defied Oregon Governor Kate Brown, in order to avoid total economic devastation for the families, including her own, that her salon supports through the professional services provided. The Nation watched as Graham was wrongfully, financially and politically targeted by the full force of the State--

"I'm grateful for this trial by fire, as all doubts have now been removed and a veil lifted. While pursuing me as a political adversary, Kate Brown has inadvertently provided a platform for my beliefs, a larger voice, and a new perspective. With the realization that there are thousands of other small business owners in Oregon and across the nation that share these beliefs, I thank God for Brown, and all of her blue blooded cronies and connoisseurs of cancel-culture. This culture is cultivating a new wave of collaboration between those who are speaking out despite clear efforts to silence us. These challenges are only making us stronger and secure in our understanding of good governance versus governance through tyrannical control."

The closure of Glamour leaves a multi-million dollar hole in annual tax revenue for the State, while adding twenty-five new recipients to unemployment benefits, EBT and Medicaid. That's twenty-five less women in the workforce and gainfully employed. While disgusted with the unchecked, unregulated and state sanctioned harassment, threats, bullying and gang stalking by leftist cancel culture, Graham feels a sense of personal gratitude for the experience, additionally releasing the following statement;

"The feminist in me is outraged, but the spirit of Christ within me is overjoyed. What was meant for my destruction has been turned into the greatest blessing, overcoming adversity, new opportunities have been created for myself and my family. I'm grateful that Oregon's supermajority has made it next to impossible for businesses to operate, I'm grateful that Kate Brown sent DHS/CPS after my children, I'm grateful to Oregon's blatant cancel-culture and the seemingly hate-filled social justice warriors.



My eyes are now fully opened to the crystal clear line in the sand, and there's no going back. Hatred is the tool of oppressors and a type of mental servitude. While I was shocked at the obvious targeting and unprofessional use of tyrannical force employed by Kate Brown's apparent dictatorship, I have nothing but love and gratitude in my heart, as I absolutely refuse to be bound by hatred or struggle. Glamour Salon is closing, our family has moved out of Oregon to a deep red land of economic opportunity, and I have nothing left to lose.

Kate Brown gave me a voice and a platform, and I intend to use it, as are the countless other small business owners who’ve stepped into the cold reality Brown created by allowing large businesses to operate while keeping family-owned and main street businesses shuttered, beyond a timeline that was feasible for survival. I pray that those still trying to run small businesses in Oregon can survive and those placing burdens upon these businesses stop turning a blind eye to the politics they are playing with these people’s lives and livelihoods. You can certainly expect to see big things coming from me soon, as this fire has forged new strength in me that I didn’t know existed.”

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-03-03 08:24:00Last Update: 2021-03-03 08:39:30

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