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Commmittee Appointments Shored Up
The absence of Rep. Hernandez leaves the process temporarily in peril

In a move designed to keep things moving in the Legislature, House Speaker has removed embattled, lame-duck State Representative Diego from his legislative committees and replaced him with the House Majority Leader, Representative Barbara Smith Warner -- or in the case of the House Energy and Environment Committee, she has appointed herself to the committee.

In the case of the Energy and Environment Committee, without Hernandez, the committee would have an even 3-3 partisan representation, so the Democrats could not be sure of passing their legislation out of committee.

The other committees are the House Committees on General Government and Revenue. Each of these committees would have an even partisan representation without Representative Hernandez. He was also replaced on the Joint Committee on Tax Expenditures. All of these committee appointments have been marked as "temporary" and once Hernandez's successor is appointed, that person will either take his place or possibly further shuffling of committee assignments will occur.

The Democratic Party of Oregon is working on nominees for his replacement. The have said that they will have a list of nominees by March 15. From that list, the Multnomah County Commissioners will pick the next State Representative for House District 47.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2021-03-02 16:27:30Last Update: 2021-03-02 16:28:36

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