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On this day, June 16, 1873, President Grant signed an executive order that permitted Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce to live in the Wallowa Valley, Oregon, to perpetuity.

Also on this day, June 16, 1877, The Nez Perce War began in the northwestern US. The First Squadron of the First Regiment, the oldest cavalry unit in the US, fought the Apaches and the Nez Perces.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 12:00 am
Celebrated on the anniversary of June 19, 1865, when in the wake of the American Civil War, Major General Gordon Granger ordered the final enforcement of the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas.

Lincoln County Fair
Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 4-6
Lincoln County Fairgrounds

Independence Day
Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 11:59 pm
Independence Day

Marion County Fair
Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 11-14
Oregon State Fair & Expo Center

Jackson County Fair
Tuesday, July 16, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 16-21
Jackson County Fairgrounds - The Expo

Columbia County Fair
Wednesday, July 17, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 17-21
Columbia County Fairgrounds

Linn County Fair
Thursday, July 18, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 18-20
Linn County Expo Center

Washington County Fair
Friday, July 19, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 19-28
Washington County Fairgrounds - Westside Commons

Coos County Fair
Tuesday, July 23, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 23-27
Coos County Fairgrounds

Curry County Fair
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 24-27
Curry County Fairgrounds - Event Center on the Beach

Hood River County Fair
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 24-27
Hood River County Fairgrounds

Jefferson County Fair
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 24-27
Jefferson County Fair Complex

Lane County Fair
Wednesday, July 24, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 24-28
Lane Events Center

Clatsop County Fair
Tuesday, July 30, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 30 - August 3
Clatsop County Fair & Expo

Malheur County Fair
Tuesday, July 30, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 30 - August 3
Malheur County Fairgrounds - Desert Sage Event Center

Benton County Fair & Rodeo
Wednesday, July 31, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 31 - August 3, 2024
Benton County Event Center & Fairgrounds

Deschutes County Fair
Wednesday, July 31, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 31 - August 4
Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center

Union County Fair
Wednesday, July 31, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 31 - August 3
Union County Fairgrounds

Yamhill County Fair
Wednesday, July 31, 2024 at 8:00 am
July 31 - August 3
Yamhill County Fairgrounds

Klamath County Fair
Thursday, August 1, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 1-4
Klamath County Fair

Wallowa County Fair
Friday, August 2, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 2-10
Wallowa County Fairgrounds

Baker County Fair
Sunday, August 4, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 4-9
Baker County Fairgrounds

Harney County Fair
Sunday, August 4, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 4-9
Harney County Fairgrounds

Sherman County Fair
Sunday, August 4, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 19-24
Sherman County Fairgrounds

Crook County Fair
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 7-10
Crook County Fairgrounds

Douglas County Fair
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 7-10
Douglas County Fairgrounds Complex

Grant County Fair
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 7-10
Grant County Fairgrounds

Josephine County Fair
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 7-11
Josephine County Fairgrounds & Events Center

Polk County Fair
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 7-10
Polk County Fairgrounds

Tillamook County Fair
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 7-10
Tillamook County Fairgrounds

Umatilla County Fair
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 7-10
Umatilla County Fairgrounds

Wheeler County Fair
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 7-10
Wheeler County Fairgrounds

Clackamas County Fair
Tuesday, August 13, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 13-17
Clackamas County Event Center

Morrow County Fair
Wednesday, August 14, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 14-17
Morrow County Fairgrounds

Wasco County Fair
Thursday, August 15, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 15-17
Wasco County Fairgrounds

Gilliam County Fair
Thursday, August 29, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 29-31
Gilliam County Fairgrounds

Lake County Fair
Thursday, August 29, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 29 - September 1
Lake County Fairgrounds

Oregon State Fair
Saturday, August 31, 2024 at 8:00 am
August 31 - September 9
Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center

Linn Laughs LIVE with Adam Corolla
Saturday, September 7, 2024 at 5:00 pm
Linn Laughs LIVE with Adam Corolla 5pm-9pm
Albany, OR

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AntiFa Camp in PDX For Kids
Indoctrinating youth through social justice summer camp

An extremist training camp for kids named 'Budding Roses' is back this summer holding their Social Justice Summer Camp, August 12-23 at St. Peter & Paul Church at 247 SE 82nd Ave, Portland. It’s directed to youth entering 4th through 8th grades.

They explicitly state they are a non-religious organization despite the venue. However, the church caters to such leftist organizations.

Social justice refers to a political and philosophical theory that focuses on the concept of equity between individuals in society, including equal access to wealth, opportunities, and social privileges.

Budding Roses Camp is aimed at low income and youth of color whose perspectives are discounted and supposedly not taken seriously. The Budding Roses website states that the camp is a democratic educational space, where campers identify topics they are interested in learning about, set community ground rules, use restorative justice to resolve conflicts, and lead their own workshops to teach their peers.

Camps during the pandemic were conducted through activity kits focused on teaching students the art of processing and raising their voices to promote collective problem solving on issues developed by local radical organizations. Kits included activities from Black Lives Matter, As Black As Resistance, Prison Industrial Complex from Critical Resistance, Walking Tour of Radical Portland, What is Police Abolition, Tear Gas for Portlanders, Transformative Justice Zine, White Supremacy Reflection, and Why Writing People in Prisons and Jails Matter. It is unclear whether these kits will be used this year to explore “social justice issues, youth leadership, arts activism, games and more.”



Community organizing for social justice is a collective action through community organizing that can generate the power to overcome social justice issues and achieve changes that furthers democracy. Most community-organizing work follows Sal Alinsky, which is conducted through task-oriented groups that enable organizational activists to engage directly in collective action for social change with the objective towards socialism.

This idea of "Social justice" is wrapped around Governor Kate Brown’s changes from constitutional equality to social justice equity.

Social justice initiatives are pursued through government programs via wealth and income redistribution, government subsidies, protected legal status in employment, and even legalized discrimination against privileged groups through fines and taxes or even through purges historically.

Training middle school children the basics for community organizing for social justice is a form of propaganda encouraging them to advocate for dismantling ideas of individual liberty from the U.S. Constitution and the founding of this country as a Republic.

Budding Rose states, “We organize camp as a democratic educational space.” The very idea of a ‘democratic educational space’ seems to be a negative concept to teach minorities, keeping them dependent on government. Add social justice and it wipes out 157 years of overcoming slavery and 235 years of our Republic Constitution.

--Donna Bleiler

Post Date: 2022-07-29 12:04:37Last Update: 2022-07-28 13:43:09

Car Free Bridge to Open in Portland
“This bridge is a dream come true”

More than 50 community organizations and local businesses will come together in five block parties this Sunday for an all-day celebration of Portland's newest car-free bridge, the Congressman Earl Blumenauer Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge.

The Blumenauer Bridge will provide a vital connection for pedestrians and people biking between two of Portland's fastest growing neighborhoods—Lloyd and the Central Eastside—and beyond.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation is building the Blumenauer Bridge to serve as a vital connection for pedestrians and people biking between two of Portland's fastest growing neighborhoods—Lloyd and the Central Eastside—and beyond.

In the spirit of how this bridge will bring us together, on Sunday July 31, the Portland Bureau of Transportation will host a community gathering to celebrate the formal opening of the new crossing.

Streets just north and south of the bridge will be closed on Sunday for block parties hosting local food and beverage vendors and community groups. The Central Eastside Industrial Council and Go Lloyd, along with The Street Trust and Friends of the Green Loop, are organizing the celebration with PBOT. There will also be an opening ceremony at noon in the South Plaza just south of the bridge, where local leaders, including Congressman Blumenauer and Portland Transportation Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty will speak.

In all, five block parties are planned as part of a full day of celebration. More than 50 local food vendors, community groups and musicians have signed up for the north and south plazas closest to the bridge. More musicians, vendors, and family friendly activities are planned at three other pop-up block parties that day. Most activity will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., with the opening ceremony at noon. In case of extreme heat, water, snacks, canopies for shade and water misters for cooling will be provided.



For full details about Sunday's opening day events, which go from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., see the PBOT website for the Opening Day Celebration for the Congressman Earl Blumenauer Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge.

"This bridge is a dream come true, and it's a beautiful addition to Portland's network of infrastructure for biking and walking," Rep. Blumenauer said. "This bridge will make it more comfortable for people to bike and walk between the Lloyd and the Central Eastside, and it will make it easier for people all over Portland to get where they need to go by burning calories instead of carbon. I hope to see thousands of people joining my family and me at the bridge on Sunday to celebrate this amazing accomplishment for our community and inspire the next generation to continue Portland's leadership in creating sustainable transportation options for everyone."

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2022-07-28 14:48:28Last Update: 2022-07-28 13:11:24

ODOT Seeks Input on Hwy 101 Slides
Landslides have been a problem for decades

The Oregon Department of Transportation is looking at options to help keep our south coast highways open in areas that are vulnerable to landslides. As part of this process, they would like to hear from impacted citizens. Following the 2019 Hooskanaden Slide, which closed U.S. 101 between Gold Beach and Brookings for two weeks, ODOT began studying several options to keep highway traffic moving between Port Orford and Brookings.

ODOT will host an online open house from July 26 to August 12 where we will discuss these options and offer visitors a chance to provide feedback and share their perspectives.

Landslides and road failures along the southern Oregon coast have been a problem for decades. According to ODOT, these incidents disrupt the local economy, strain emergency services and make it difficult for people to reach essential services. Repairs can be costly and traffic impacts can linger for weeks or months.

This study will identify technically feasible and cost-effective projects and strategies to stabilize potential landslide areas, improve safety and operations along detour routes, and facilitate travel in the aftermath of a landslide.

For more information, visit the South Coast Slides Study project website.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2022-07-28 11:54:45Last Update: 2022-07-27 13:59:38

Unemployment Department Audit Finds Flaws
“Real people were hurt by these delays”

According to an audit report released today by the Secretary of State, the sudden and drastic increase in unemployment claims brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic strained an antiquated unemployment system, creating financial hardships for many Oregonians whose eligible benefits were delayed several months or longer. The findings are outlined in the report entitled "The Pandemic's Effects on Oregonians Exposed Risks and Highlighted the Need to Modernize Oregon's Unemployment Insurance System."

"The goal of a safety net is for it to be there when you need it," said Secretary of State Shemia Fagan. "This audit helps explain why Oregon's unemployment insurance program failed when it was needed most and identifies actionable steps OED can take to make sure help is always available when Oregonians need it most."

In looking back at 2020, the audit finds several key factors that led to a breakdown in the systems of the Oregon Employment Department -- headed by director David Gerstenfeld. OED has addressed some of these shortcomings and had one of the lowest unemployment fraud levels in 2020. Other areas are still in need of improvement.



The audit's recommendations focus on areas where the OED can improve systems ahead of future surges in unemployment. Key recommendations include: "Real people were hurt by these delays," said Secretary Fagan. "Without an ombuds office, people struggling to navigate a complex system had no one to advocate for them. Creating an ombuds office is a practical recommendation to fix a gap in services and help build trust in state government. Ombuds programs currently fill important roles in state government, such as the Office of Small Business Assistance here at the Secretary of State's office."

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2022-07-28 06:18:10Last Update: 2022-07-27 11:54:45

DEQ Issues Air Quality Advisory for Portland and the Valley
Pollution levels could be unhealthy for sensitive groups

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Southwest Clean Air Agency, and Lane Region Air Protection Agency issued an air quality advisory Tuesday for the Portland/Vancouver metro areas and Willamette Valley due to elevated levels of ozone pollution, or smog.

DEQ expects ozone pollution to reach levels this afternoon that could be unhealthy for sensitive groups, including children, people over 65, pregnant women and people with heart disease or respiratory conditions. Health officials recommend sensitive groups limit outdoor activity when pollution levels are high.

DEQ expects the air quality advisory to last until Saturday night.

DEQ urges residents to protect their health and limit activities that cause pollution during the heat wave. Recommendations include:



Smog irritates the eyes, nose and lungs, and contributes to breathing problems. Ozone forms when hot temperatures and low winds combine with pollution from cars, gas-powered engines and chemicals in paints and aerosols. These air pollutants react with sunlight and heat to produce ozone and haze.

Ozone pollution increases throughout the day with exposure to sunlight, so pollution levels tend to be highest during afternoons and early evenings. Air quality monitors may show good air quality in the morning, then quickly jump to unhealthy levels later in the day.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2022-07-27 14:20:34Last Update: 2022-07-27 14:34:57

Governors Call for Congress to Pass Semiconductor Industry Bill
Say it will expand domestic manufacturing, grow high-tech workforce

Oregon Governor Kate Brown, joined by a bipartisan group of Western state governors, has called on Congress to stay in session as long as is necessary to immediately pass the CHIPS Act, which would expand semiconductor manufacturing in the United States.

"Oregon is a leader in semiconductor development, and we need Congress to act now to ensure the United States continues to lead the way in technology and manufacturing," said Governor Kate Brown. "Every state in the nation is impacted by the semiconductor shortage. The investments made by the CHIPS Act will expand domestic semiconductor manufacturing and grow our high-tech workforce, which is critical for our businesses and working families."

Western states represent over half of the top 15 semiconductor workforces in the United States. Joining Governor Brown in submitting the letter to Congress were Idaho Governor Brad Little, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2022-07-27 10:28:06Last Update: 2022-07-26 10:34:41

Prescription Drug Affordability Board to Meet
The Board was created to protect against the high costs of prescription drugs

The Prescription Drug Affordability Board will meet on August 3 at 9:30am to consider several items.

The Prescription Drug Affordability Board consists of five members and three alternates appointed by the governor. The Board was created by SB 844 during the 2021 regular session to protect Oregon residents, state and local governments, commercial health plans, health care providers, pharmacies, and other stakeholders in the health care system in Oregon from the high costs of prescription drugs.​ The board includes Akil Patterson, Chair, Shelley Bailey, Vice Chair, Daniel Hartung, and Richard Bruno. Persons wishing to participate should register in advance.

To sign up for public comment, email your request to Prescription Drug Affordability Board at
pdab@dcbs.oregon.gov 24 hours before the meeting. Include your name, organization, and the related agenda item. Written comments need to be provided 72 hours prior to scheduled meeting. Any written comments after 72 hours will be included for board consideration at the next meeting. Send comments to pdab@dcbs.oregon.gov and include your name, organization, and the related agenda item.

Among the items to be considered is distinguishing between recommendations in Sections 5 and 7 in SB 844

SECTION 5. No later than December 31 of each year, the Prescription Drug Affordability Board shall report to the Health Care Cost Growth Target program established in ORS 442.386 and to the interim committees of the Legislative Assembly related to health, in the manner provided in ORS 192.245, the following information:
(1) Price trends for the list of prescription drugs provided to the board by the Department of Consumer and Business Services under section 2 (1) of this 2021 Act;
(2) The prescription drugs that were reviewed under section 2 of this 2021 Act; and
(3) Recommendations, if any, for legislative changes necessary to make prescription drug products more affordable in this state

SECTION 7. (1) The Prescription Drug Affordability Board shall study the entire prescription drug distribution and payment system in this state and polices adopted by other states and countries that are designed to lower the list price of prescription drugs including but not limited to the following options: (a) Establishing upper payment limits for all financial transactions in this state involving a drug and specifying the methodology used to determine the upper payment limit that does not undermine the viability of any part of the prescription drug supply chain;
(b) Using a reverse auction marketplace for the purchase of prescription drugs by state and local governments; and
(c) Implementing a bulk purchasing process for state and local governments to purchase prescription drugs.
(2) No later than December 31, 2022, the board shall complete the study described in subsection (1) of this section and report to the interim committees of the Legislative Assembly related to health in the manner provided in ORS 192.245:
(a) The board’s findings including findings for each option described in subsection (1) of this section; and
(b) Recommendations for policies to lower the list prices of prescription drugs sold in this state and for legislative changes necessary to implement the policies.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2022-07-27 07:07:07Last Update: 2022-07-26 18:06:03

Anti-Gun Initiative Moves to November Ballot
There are very few facilities in Oregon for live fire training

Initiative Petition 17 -- now ballot measure 114 -- recently approved to appear on the ballot in November, has been described as “the most extreme” gun control measure in the country. While the media has portrayed the measure simply about “large capacity magazines” and “permits to purchase” it, in fact, goes much further than that. The Chief Petitioners are Walter John Knutson, III, Michael Z. Cahana, and Marilyn Keller.

Before a person can get a “permit” to purchase -- not carry, or bear -- a firearm they will be required to take a class from police, or someone approved by police. Firearms instructors who teach concealed handgun license classes will not be eligible. In addition to gun safety, the class must include instruction on storage and transportation, state and federal laws, and the impacts of homicide and suicide.

Furthermore, the class must include live fire. There are very few facilities in Oregon for live fire training and most of them are private organizations not open to the public. The measure does not require that these classes be made available by law enforcement and has no provision for funding them. There are no caps on the fees that may be charged for the classes should anyone actually provide them.

After a person completes the required class -- and there are no exceptions for police or even firearms dealers -- they may then apply to the local police or sheriff for a permit to purchase.

Once the application has been made, the Oregon State Police must conduct a background check on the applicant. There is no time limit on how long the OSP can take to complete the check. Current wait times for gun purchase background checks have exceeded two years for some applicants.



If the background check clears the applicant, the sheriff or chief of police has 30 days to issue or deny a permit to purchase. The State Police and the local police may conduct any investigation they want to on the applicant. There are no limits to what they can ask or demand personal information on. That would include your social media accounts, information on your friends and family or your financial records.

If, after 30 days, you are approved, the permit does NOT allow you to buy a firearm. It just allows you to submit to a second background check from the Oregon State Police, which, once again, can take as long as the police choose to take. These background checks can take literarily forever. The fee for the permit is $65.00 and it must be renewed every 5 years.

The measure also calls for a public database of anyone attempting to get a permit which can include any personal information such as home address and phone number.

The measure also bans most firearms ammunition magazines. Any magazine over 10 rounds (the most common modern magazines) will be banned from future sales. Any that are already owned will be restricted to your home or trips to approved places like shooting ranges. The magazines cannot be loaded and must be transported locked up. You will not be allowed to transfer any existing magazines except upon your death.



The magazine ban will effectively ban most sporting shotguns since their tubular magazines are capable of holding more than ten rounds of certain shotgun shells.

Sheriffs around the state have reported that they have neither the manpower nor facilities to provide the required training. Currently no local police departments have any kind of process for providing the required permits. The Oregon State Sheriff’s Association has estimated the first year costs of the program will be 40 million dollars with subsequent years costing nearly as much. The sponsors of the measure have stated that they have no plans for determine where the funds to administer the program will come from.

A Colorado judge recently issued a temporary restraining order against a magazine ban in Boulder County.

--Emil Sanders

Post Date: 2022-07-26 11:37:52Last Update: 2022-07-26 20:57:41

Kate Brown Declares Heat Emergency
Emergency declaration applies to 25 Oregon counties through July 31

Governor Kate Brown today declared a state of emergency in 25 Oregon counties, from July 25 through July 31, to ensure additional resources are available to respond to forecasted excessively high temperatures. Multiple days of extreme heat with little or no cooling overnight may also impact critical infrastructure, causing utility outages and transportation disruptions.

"With many parts of Oregon facing a high heat wave, it is critical that every level of government has the resources they need to help keep Oregonians safe and healthy," said Governor Brown. "I encourage everyone to take proactive steps to keep themselves and their families safe, including drinking plenty of fluids, taking advantage of cooling centers, and checking in on neighbors, friends, and loved ones."

The Governor has directed the Oregon Department of Emergency Management (OEM) to activate the state's Emergency Coordination Center to coordinate essential protective measures. She has also directed state agencies to provide any assistance requested by OEM to support response efforts.



Heat-related illnesses are preventable — all Oregonians are encouraged to learn the symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. Oregonians who do not have air conditioning in their homes are strongly encouraged to make a plan today to find a cool location they can access during the heat wave. To find cooling centers in Oregon, call 211, which will be operating 24/7 during the heat wave, or visit their website.

Additionally, all Oregonians are asked to check in on vulnerable friends, family, and neighbors who may be susceptible to extreme heat to help them access ways to stay safe.

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2022-07-26 09:21:30Last Update: 2022-07-26 11:37:52

Marbled Murrelet to Impact State Agencies
The Fish and Wildlife Commission determined that ten state agencies can play a role

In July 2021, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission reclassified the Marbled Murrelet from threatened to endangered under the Oregon Endangered Species Act. The purpose of this agenda item is for the Commission to determine the role of Department-owned lands in the conservation of Marbled Murrelets. Agency staff will also provide an update on the determinations of roles by other state land owning and managing agencies in the conservation of the Marbled Murrelet.

The most direct effect of listing a species as threatened or endangered under the OESA is through management decisions on state-owned, managed, or leased lands. The OESA requires that state agencies comply with survival guidelines adopted by the Commission (or alternative process as described in ORS 496.182(3)) and requires particular state agencies to develop plans for the management and protection of endangered species (ORS 496.182(8), OAR 635-100-0140(6)). Survival guidelines are quantifiable and measurable guidelines necessary to ensure the survival of individual members of the species (OAR 635-100-0100(13)). Survival guidelines serve as interim protection measures until endangered species management plans are developed, completed, and approved by applicable state agencies (required within 18 months of uplisting) and then subsequently reviewed and approved by the Commission (required within 24 months of uplisting) (ORS 496.182(8)(a)(C), (D)).

The OESA and administrative rules require that within four months of the listing decision, the Commission, in consultation and cooperation with the state land owning and managing agencies, determines which land owning or managing agencies can play a role in conservation of the species (ORS 496.182(8)(a)). In November 2021, the Commission determined that ten state agencies that that own, manage or lease lands, can play a role in the conservation of the Marbled Murrelet on their respective state lands and subsequently notified those agencies of their obligation to develop endangered species management plans. The agencies and a summary of efforts to date are: Following the Commission’s determination of the agencies that can play a role in the conservation of the Marbled Murrelet, each agency is required to determine the role its state land will serve in the conservation of the Marbled Murrelet. An agency’s role may include, but is not limited to: In making their role determinations, each state agency needs to balance each of the following: The agencies must balance these five factors consistent with the biological aspects of the Marbled Murrelet biology identified by the Department (ODFW 2021), and the statutory or constitutional obligations of each of the agencies (including the land’s statutory purpose).

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2022-07-25 12:24:41Last Update: 2022-07-25 13:01:32

Wheeler Declares Gun Violence Emergency
The majority of gun homicides are related to group/network involved individuals

Despite enabling the "Defund the Police" movement, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has now issued an Emergency Declaration on Gun Violence to address the mounting problem of gun violence in Portland.

In his declaration, Wheeler has tasked various city departments with measures aimed at curbing gun-related violence. Critics noted that Wheeler, who ended the Gang Enforcement Task Force, euphemistically targets gangs by noting that "research shows that the majority of gun homicides and shootings in Portland are related to group/network involved individuals." The phrase "Group/Network" indicates gang activity, according to experts.

In his declaration, he calls out the Portland Bureau of Transportation, asking them "to help address gun violence hot spots in the public right-of-way, including but not limited to and in coordination with the Commissioner-in-Charge, expedited permitting for community events identified by the Incident Commander related to gun violence, place-based interventions like modification of traffic flow, and increased lighting in areas within PBOT’s control."

Wheeler called on Portland Parks and Recreation, to take measures "as to management of parks, including but not limited to and in coordination with the Commissioner-in-Charge expedited permitting for community and Parks events identified by the Incident Commander related to gun violence, park staffing, and hours of operation. "

He has even tasked Safer Summer PDX 2022 to "coordinate relevant City services to combine resources and personnel necessary to address gun violence through a variety of approaches, including outreach to individuals most at risk of being victimized by or perpetrating gun violence, procurement of services and issuance of grants to aid in the prevention of and response to gun violence."

Kevin Starrett, the director of the Oregon Firearms Federation commented "Ted Wheeler has promised to address skyrocketing crime by offering the most violent offenders 'life coaches.' We think the millions wasted on that would be better spent helping the law abiding to protect themselves. Because clearly the Portland Police can't."

According to the document, "from January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022, there were 673 shooting incidents in the City of Portland."

--Staff Reports

Post Date: 2022-07-24 15:32:21Last Update: 2022-07-24 20:35:58

Clatsop County Reports Surge in Marriages
The county’s many scenic attractions provide a suitable backdrop

A growing number of matrimony-minded couples are tying the knot on the North Coast of Oregon – according to the Clatsop County Clerk’s Office, whose many duties include issuing marriage licenses.

County Clerk Tracie Krevanko said her office is processing more and more marriage licenses – about two dozen each week, or roughly triple the usual number, from couples from all over the United States who’ve decided that Clatsop County’s many scenic attractions provide a suitable backdrop for their exchanges of vows.

“When you add up the local people wanting to get married with out-of-state couples, we are having a lot of people wanting to get a license. If your wedding date is getting close, there are a few things we want engaged couples to know,” Krevanko said.

“A marriage license must be obtained at least three business days before the wedding and with this wedding rush, we strongly encourage people to go online to make their appointment,” she said.



If wedding bells are in your future, be aware that while the Clatsop Clerk’s Office currently is not performing wedding ceremonies, it does offers a list of officiants on it's webpage.

REQUIREMENTS FOR A MARRIAGE LICENSE: WAITING PERIOD COST of LICENSE Marriage parties will need to identify on the application the legal names they will take after the ceremony.

--Ben Fisher

Post Date: 2022-07-24 09:24:30Last Update: 2022-07-24 09:59:12

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